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The river Ula (the river Merkys tributary, Varena district)

The river Ula flows in Belarus and Lithuania (Alytus county, Varena district), the river Merkys left tributary.

Length of the river 85 km, the basin area 752 km ². The source is in Belarus, at Pelesa village, 13 km south from Rodunia town. From the source to Dubiciai village calls the Pelesa. Flows to northwest; the first 20 km from the source in Belarus, downstream 4 km Lithuania - Belarus border, and 61 km in Lithuania. Flows into the river Merkys 21 km from its mouth 8 km southwest from Perloja town. Average gradient 52 cm/km. Discharge at Zervynos (20 km to mouth): max 106 m³/s, average 5.58 m³/s, min 0.13 m³/s. The river feeds the abundant groundwater, resulting in leakage of the different times of the year there is little difference. The spring run off 39%, in the summer and autumn 20%, in the winter 21% of the total annual runoff.

All year

Rapid, shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

57.0 Bridge. right Dubiciai. The river to Karaviskes village flows through meadows, width 10-15 m. Average gradient to the brook Lynupis 45 cm/km.

56.8 left hillfort Dubiciai.

54.2 Bridge.

52.5 left Katra.

52.0 right Kaniavele.

51.1 left Karaviskes.

46.8 Bridge. Krokslys. The river to the mouth meanders through forests, width 10-15 m. The banks in some places high, steep. Sandy outcrops up to 5-8 m height. Can be a few strainers, fallen trees.

42.5 left Lynupis. Average gradient to the brook Mazupis 104 cm/km.

40.3 The river flows into the lake Ula.

40.2 The river flows out from the lake Ula.

37.5 right Sienycia.

37.2 Watermill dam. Bridge. Rudnia.

34.0 right Mazupis. Average gradient Zervynos village 58 cm/km.

29.0 Bridge. right Kasetos.

27.9 right Uosupis. right Pauosupe.

21.1 Bridge. Zervynos. Average gradient to Manciagire village 83 cm/km. Current speeds up a little.

19.7 left Pavilnis.

19.1 Railway bridge. Under the bridge short rapid.

14.4 right the brook UP-2. Bridge. right Manciagire. Average gradient to the mouth 90 cm/km.

13.5 Bridge.

7.3 Bridge. right Ziurai.

5.9 Bridge. right Trakiskiai.

2.1 right Pauliai.

0.0 The Ula flows into the river Merkys.

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