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The river Kupa (the river Levuo tributary, Kupiskis district)

The river Kupa flows in Kupiskis district, the river Levuo left tributary.

Length of the river 27 km, the basin area 188 km ². The source 5 km northwest from Simoniai village. In upper section the river flows to the north, at the mouth of the river Juodupe turns to west. Flows into the river Levuo 110 km from its mouth 2 km to west from Kupiskis town. The upper section of the river channeled. Average rated discharge dowstream the river Juodupe 0.17 m³/s, at the mouth 0.98 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, dam, strainers, water plants

WW 0/1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

12.2 Railway bridge.

12.1 right Upelis. right Kuosenai. The river channeled. The banks bare. The riverbed width approx. 5 m. Speed of current average. Average gradient to the mouth 211 cm/km.

10.6 Bridge. right Mirabalis.

10.5 right Dievo upelis. right Mirabalis.

9.6 Small dam. right Plundakai.

9.4 left Skodinys.

9.3 Bridge.

8.6 left the brook K-5. left Slavinciskis.

8.0 right the brook K-2.

6.8 Bridge. The channeled section of the river ends. Speed of current average. The river width 5 m. In the riverbed stones, small rapids. In some places trees on the banks.

6.0 Low bridge.

5.5 Bridge. A bit upstream small rapid. Kupiskis. The riverbed channeled.

5.3 Pedestrian bridge. A bit upstream small rapid. Kupiskis.

5.0 Bridge. Kupiskis.

4.8 Bridge. Kupiskis.

3.8 Bridge. Kupiskis.

3.7 Dam. Small bridge. Kupiskis.

2.8 left the brook K-3. right Kupiskis.

2.7 Panevėžio-Kupiškio kelio bridge. right Kupiskis. left Smilgiai. The river to mouth flows through small forest. A few small rapids.

1.2 left the brook K-1. left Biciai.

0.6 Small bridge.

0.0 The Kupa flows into the river Levuo.

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