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The river Vidauja (tributary of the river Mituva, Jurbarkas district)

Vidauja flowing Jurbarko district., Mituva ds. tributary. Length of 45 km, the catchment area of ​​135 km ². Starts at Vidaujos village, 14 km to north. the red. Flowing into the wind., But only for the lower reaches approximately 2 km to the p. Flows into MITUVA 26 km from the mouth of the Kubilius, 14 km š.v. from Jurbarko. Avg. slope of 112 cm / km. Avg. flow at the mouth to 1.0 m³ / s. 44% of the watershed area is covered by forests.

It is recommended to proceed at a higher water level. In the summer gets abated.

Rift, burr.

WW 0/1

8.4 dš.Nerys. Avg. slope to the mouth 133 cm / km.

7.7 Jurbarko-Eržvilkas road bridge. dš.Vilniškiai. The bed to the mouth rare shoals, burr. River width of 5 m. Hills are steep, 1-2 m tall, overgrown bushes and trees.

6.9 Bridge. dš.Vilniškiai.

4.4 Bridge. Saddle.

3.3 Telvikai.

2.9 dš.Melinis.

2.6 Bridge. kr.Telvikai.

2.2 kr.Trumpė.

1.6 kr.Vileniškiai.

0.0 Vidauja flows into MITUVA.