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The river Viesinta (tributary of the river Levuo, Kupiskis district)

Publicized by leaking Madona and Kupiškio district., Leuven cr. tributary. Length of 29 km, the catchment area of ​​223 km ². Starts Viešintos area. Flowing into š.v. Viešintos a lake near the mouth turns š.r. Leven flows into the 89 miles from its mouth, the penetration, 2 km to the š.v. Subačiaus from the train station. Avg. slope of 170 cm / km. Avg. flow above the confluence with the Vašuoka 0.38 m³ / s at the mouth 1.10 m³ / s.

Not recommended to swim in the summer (unless the long rains).

Burr, aquatic vegetation.

WW 0 (1 -)

4.1 kr.Vašuoka. Just below the bridge. Rivers flow more than doubled. The riverbed channeled, width of 5 m.

3.9 The Railway Bridge. dš.Subačiaus station.

2.3 dš.Kumponas. 2 bridges.

1.8 dš.Dvariškiai. Ends channeled stretch, the river opens .. The river flows to the estuary woodlands can be burr.

0.5 Bridge. dš.Skverbai.

0.0 Viešintas flows into the Leven.