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Maps of the river Lukna, Lithuania

Maps of the river Lukna

Maps and aerial photos of the river Lukna. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddling the river Lukna. Google maps the river Lukna, Lithuania, Vilnius county, Trakai district, Paluknis municipality. Places near the river: village Bugeluvka, forest Uztrakis, the lake Lukna, the lake Versiukas, the lake Karvys, the lake Ilgutis, forest of Skieriai, forest Gojus, village Anglininkai, village Jurgelionys, village Bakieriskes, village Dainiai, village Kiauliskes, village Paluknys, forest of Mikailiskiai, forest of Rudiskiai, the lake Elnos Laukoniu, the lake Lukoniu Ksinskio, the lake Mamavys, village Barakai, forest of Barakai, village Mamavys, village Madziunai. Tributaries of the river Lukna: the brook Margis, the creek Medrynia, the river Aluona, the river Zvirgzde, the river Merkys. Points of interest, sightseeings, protected places: Ilgutis Botanical Reserve. Places to stay, rural tourism: Campsites: Kayak, canoe, raft rentals: