Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Sesupe (Marijampole, Vilkaviskis and Sakiai districts)

Šešupė flowing in Poland, Lithuania (Marijampoles, Vilkaviškio and Fork district.), Lithuanian-Russian border and in Russia, the Nemunas cr. tributary. Length 299 miles (211 km Lithuania), catchment area 6124 km ² (4770 km ² Lithuania). Starts Poland Šešupėlės area, 18 km to north. from Suwalki. The first 25 km flowing into the š.r. Poland, Lithuania following: at the beginning of the r. Since Želsvos - to north. Since Gavaltuvos - the wind. From Kudirkos Naumiestis flowing into š.v. Lithuanian-Russian border (51 km) and then to the mouth (63 km) - Russia. The river flows into the Neman 85 km from its mouth to Lugovoje. Avg. the slope of the Lithuanian-Polish border to the mouth of 42 cm / km. Valley shallow and neplatus (0.3 to 0.7 km wide). riverbed of the upper 20 m, middle and lower reaches 25-40 m wide. Dominating the depth of 1.5 m, the flow rate of 0.2-0.3 m / s. Waterless River, in the bed of a little įsigraužusi suduvis clayey plain, underground power low. Summer and winter, the river becomes too weak for a very, very spring flooding, overflows its banks. On clay, water, low permeable soil, a small pool and lake percentage forest after rain the water level in the river rise rapidly, more heavy rains caused flooding. Avg. flow to the Lithuanian-Polish border is 1.03 m³ / s. Flow rate at Calvary (254 km from the mouth): max. 39.2 m³ / s avg. 3.13 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.18 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.17 m³ / s to Marijampoles (202 km from the mouth): max. 166 m³ / s avg. 9.07 m³ / s to Kudirkos Naumiestis (115 km from the mouth): max. 267 m³ / s avg. 17.9 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.47 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.81 m³ / s. In spring, the Dolgoje (43 km from the mouth) river flows by 45%, 10% in summer, 18% in autumn, winter 27% of the total annual volume of water. Annual water level fluctuations in the amplitude of the Calvary of 2.5 m to 3.8 m Marijampoles to Kudirkos Naumiestis 7 m.

Better at higher water levels.

The dam, a few burr, aquatic vegetation, Revel.

WW 0 (1)


252.8 Bridge. Calvary. Avg. slope to the Simula 103 cm / km.

251.8 Bridge. The river flows through fields, among the hills, width 6-8 m, the banks are steep, in places overgrown with trees. Current average, there are rapids. The bed of rocks, stumps.

247.9 kr.Gudoniškiai.

246.4 dš.Santaka.

244.7 dš.Kirsna. River runoff is almost doubled. The river opens up to 10-15 m.

243.4 Lakinsk HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​5 ha. Comfortable clog ds. dš.Barauskai. Below the river is shallow, relatively swift.

242.1 Railway Bridge. After the bridge stony threshold. dš.Lakinskai. kr.Mikalauka. dš.Lakinskų mound.

236.9 dš.Š-8.

236.3 Bridge.

234.0 Bridge. Low need to clog the DS.

232.5 dš.Želsvelė. kr.Armoniškiai.

231.2 Marijampoles-Irkutsk road bridge. dš.Želsvos. The river banks are overgrown with trees, there may be several burr.

229.8 Bridge. kr.Bukta. River stones, a few rapids.

227.1 dš.Ąžuolynas.

222.8 dš.Balaikiai.

221.3 kr.Šimuliai. Avg. the slope of the railway bridge Marijampolėje 79 cm / km.

219.4 Marijampoles-Irkutsk road bridge.

218.1 kr.Sūduonia.

217.6 Liudvinavo HE Dam. Height of 4 m, a pond area of ​​7 acres. Liudvinavas.

215.5 dš.Dovinė. River flow increases quarter.

215.2 Bridge. kr.sodai.

214.8 dš.Netičkampis.

212.6 kr.Licinavas. Slow current of the river - begins Marijampoles HE head.

206.1 kr.Kumelionių mound.

204.8 Marijampoles II HE Dam. Height of 9 meters, the pond area of ​​75 ha. Convenient clog cr.

204.6 Railway Bridge. Avg. slope to Luginin 54 cm / km.

204.2 Bridge. dš.Marijampolė. kr.Kumelionys.

202.3 kr.Meškučių mound.

200.9 Marijampoles I HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​11 ha.Patogiau clog cr.

200.5 dš.Jevonis. kr.Uosupelis.

200.4 Bridge. Bialystok.