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The river Tenenys (the river Minija tributary, Silute district)

The river Tenenys flows in Silale and Silute districts, the river Minija left tributary.

Length of the river 74 km, the basin area 281 km ². The Tenenys flows out from the lake Kupstis, 3 km northwest from Pajuris village. Flows to west. Flows into the river Minija 10 km from its mouth at Vabalai village, 3 km east from Kintai village. Average gradient 106 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 3.46 m³/s. Discharge at Miestaliai (15 km to mouth): max 20.2 m³/s, average 2.58 m³/s, min in summer 0.20 m³/s, min in winter 023 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains. Lower section - all year

Rapids, shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0/1- (1+)

Distance from the mouth

42.8 Bridge. right Uztenenis. Average gradient to the pond of Ramuciai 119 cm/km. A few small rapids, strainers. The river to Zakainiai village flows through meadows, width 5-8 m.

42.5 left hillfort Zakainiai.

41.0 right the brook T-16. left Jokubiske.

40.7 right the brook T-14. right Laukstenai.

39.6 right Lendrupis.

38.3 Bridge. left Zakainiai. To Gardamas village at the river in some places small forests.

36.9 left the brook T-11. right Piliske. left Gudiske.

34.6 Sveksna - Zemaiciu Naumiestis road bridge. right Gardamas. Average gradient to the pond of Ramuciai 119 cm/km. The river flows through meadows, in some places small forests.

31.9 Piauniai.

30.8 Bridge. left Ziogai.

28.6 left Peklale. The pond of Ramuciai begins. left Bartininkai.

26.6 right the brook T-10.

26.0 The dam of Ramuciai. Average gradient to the river Siusis 101 cm/km. Current approaches to the mouth is slowing.

25.9 Silute - Gardamas road bridge. left Ramuciai.

23.4 left Eidaiciai. right Pasiliskiai. To Barvai village the river flows through Norkiskiai forest, can be strainers. right hillfort Eidaiciai.

19.3 Bridge. right Barvai.

18.2 left Lapynai.

16.9 right Lasai. The river flows through meadows, the banks bare.

16.1 Bridge.

15.6 Siusis. left Miestaliai. Average gradient to the mouth 24 cm/km. The current calm. The river widening to 12-15 m.

15.2 Bridge. right Bruzai.

13.8 Silute - Klaipeda highway bridge.

12.6 Railway bridge. right Medaliai. The river channeled, the banks bare.

10.1 Berziupe. Bridge. right Alka. left Vytuliai. To the mouth embankments on both sides of the river.

9.6 Zumiske.

6.2 left Aukstumalai. Cannalized section of the river ends.

0.0 The Tenenys flows into the river Minija.

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