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Maps of the river Salcia, Lithuania

Maps of the river Salcia

Maps and aerial photos of the river Salcia. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddling the river Salcia. Google maps the river Salcia, Lithuania, Vilnius and Alytus county, Salcininkai and Varena district, Gerviskes, Pabare and Valkininkai municipality. Places near the river: village Ciuronys, village Papiskes, village Uta, village Tetervinai, forest Paciabatu, forest Kaniuku, village Paciabatai, village Kaniukai, village Gerviskes, village Rudnia, forest Gerviskiu, village Kalitonys, village Senosios Rakliskes, forest Rakliskiu, forest Giria, forest Utos, village Visincia, village Nevainionys, forest Nevainioniu, forest Zygmantiskiu, forest Puscios, village Zygmantiskes, village Kiaulekai, village Kursiai, village Darzininkai, forest Valkininku, forest Posaiciu, forest Vainabalio, village Paklestare, village Uzuperkasis, village Valkininkai. Tributaries of the river Salcia: the brook Berze, the creek Paraiste, the river Salcykscia, the river Visincia, the river Maltupis, the river Kubanka, the river Ciras, the river Pabalde, the river Brasta, the river Merkys. Points of interest, sightseeings, protected places: hillfort Tetervinai, Navakoniai geological reserve, Salcia hydrological reserve.