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The river Gryzuva (the river Dubysa tributary, Kelme district)

The river Gryzuva flows in Siauliai county, Radviliskis and Kelme districts, the river Dubysa left tributary.

Length of the river 44 km, the basin area 168 km ². The Gryzuva flows from the the Tyruliai swamp, 6 km south from Pakape willage. Flows through the lake Gaustvinis, Uzpelkiai botanical-zoological reserve, Tytuvenai railway station to the southwest. To the lake Gaustvinis the river called the Simsa. From the village Kalviai flows to the west. Flows into the river Dubysa 98 km from its mouth, at Papusinys village. Average gradient 124 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.15 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0/1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

14.9 The river Gryzuva flows from lake Gaustvinis. The river flows through the forest, current speed average, in the riverbed can be strainers, beavers dams. The average width of the river about 5-7 m. Average discharge about 1 m³/s. Average gradient to Pagryzuvys village 230 cm/km.

14.6 right Paezeriai. The road near the river.

14.4 Bridge.

13.5 At the banks meadows, the riverbed wider.

12.4 Pagryzuvis - Toluciai road bridge. Under the bridge low dam. Can be navigated. left Tytuveneliai. On the banks trees, bushes.

11.5 Siauliai - Tytuvenai road bridge.

11.1 Begins the Kamale pond.

9.7 dam. Portage left. left Kaimale.

8.8 right Vengre.

8.0 left the brook. left Kalviai. To the mouth on the river banks forest. Current fast, small rapids.

6.4 Bridge. right Pagryzuvys. left Papusinys. left hillfort Pagryzuvys. right Pagryzuvys manor. The river valley deep. Current fast, small rapids. Can be strainers. The height of the banks up to 10 m. Some outcrops. The river width 5-10 m.

4.8 right the brook. Average gradient to the mouth 415 cm/km.

3.2 left Mosteikiai.

0.9 Papusinys - Mosteikiai road bridge. Visgailiai.

0.0 The Gryzuva flows into the river Dubysa. right hillfort Kubiliai.

We recommend take out at the Kelme - Tytuvenai road bridge. (A few km downstream the river Dubysa).

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