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The river Dovine (the river Sesupe tributary, Marijampole district)

The river Dovine flows in Lazdijai, Alytus and Marijampole districts, the river Sesupe right tributary.

Length of the river 68 km, the catchment area 584 km ². Source 8 km to SW. from Seirijai town at Seirijociai village. Flows o NW through the lakes Babrai, Senkutis, Dusia, Simnas, Zuvintas. At Dauksiai village turns to W. Flows into Sesupe 217 km from its mouth at the Liudvinavas village. From source to the lake Simnas called Spernia, from the lake Simnas to the lake Zuvintas called Bambena, from the lake Zuvintas called Dovine. Average gradient 94 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 3.39 m³ / s.

All year

Few strainers, in summer the river overgrown, dams

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

39.9  The southern corner of the lake Simnas. Simnas.

37.0 The Bambena flows out from the lake Simnas. left Pasimniai. To the lake Zuvintas the river flows through marshy meadows, in places channeled. On the banks rare shrubs. The riverbed width 5 m. Average gradient to the lake Zuvintas 79 cm / km.

36.4 Bridge. left Skituriai.

34.8 Bridge.

34.3 left hillfort Bambininkai.

34.0 Bridge. Ažuolėnai. Downstream begins Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve. To visit the reserve require special permits.

31.5 left Kiaulycia.

30.9 The Bambena flows into the lake Zuvintas.

27.6 The Dovine flowing out from the lake Zuvintas. Average gradient to D-3 21 cm / km. The river slowly flows through swampy meadows, the banks bare. To Naujakaimis village the river channeled.

25.8 A small dam. Navigated.

24.8 left D-3. Bridge. Average gradient to the D-2 15 cm / km.

24.4 Pedestrian small bridge.

23.7 Liudvinavas - Igliauka road bridge. Dauksiai.

1.2 right Amalve - Slavanta flows from the lake Amalvas.

15.9 right D-2. Average gradient to Tarasiskes village 73 cm / km.

15.3 Bridge.

13.4  left Junkupelis. Zuvintas Biosphere Reserve ends. left Naujakaimis. At the banks rare shrubs.

12.7 Pedestrian bridge.

10.3  Marijampole - Dauksiai road bridge. right Padovinys. The current is slightly accelerated. To the mouth the river flows meadows, the banks covered with trees, shrubs. There may be a few strainers.

9.5 left Peledupis.

5.5 left D-1. left  Dviratine.

3.6 Bridge. Under the bridge dam. left Tarasiskiai. Average gradient to the mouth 150 cm / km.

2.6 Begins the Netickampis pond.

0.8 Netickampis HPP dam. Height 5 meters, the pond area 20 hectares. right  Netickampis.

0.1 Marijampolė - Liudvinavas road bridge.

0.0 The Dovine flows into the river Sesupe.

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