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The river Vilnia (tributary of the river Neris, Vilnius district)

Vilnia (Vilnelė) flowing Vilnius district. Neris cr. tributary. Length of 82 km, the catchment area of ​​633 km ². Starts Vindžiūnų area, 5 km to the p. from Šumsko. About 13 yards flowing Lithuanian-Belarusian border to north., Lithuania turns š.v., inflow Taurijai - the pv Flows into the Neris River 165 kilometers from its estuary in Vilnius. The furrow width of the upper 4-5 m, the middle and lower reaches 10-15 m. Dominating the depth of 0.4-0.7 m. Avg. slope of 153 cm / km. The upper reaches of Vilnia flowing swampy depression (during Jankuškių and Margie marshes), low įsigraužusi its surface. Approaching the mouth of the valley is deeper. Lowlands slope big river like a mountain brook: 10 km stretch from the mouth of the slope of 400 cm / km. Here shores are steep, picturesque. Flow rate at the confluence (55 km from the mouth) max. 17.3 m3 / s vid.1, 62 m3 / s, min. summer of 0.091 m3 / s, min. Winter 0.35 m3 / s. Vilnius (1 km from the mouth): max. 128 m³ / s, vid.5, 63 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.72 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.41 m³ / s. In spring, Vilnius, draining 37%, summer 20%, autumn 23%, winter 20% of the total annual volume of water. Annual water-level fluctuations in the amplitude of 2.1 m. River abundantly nourished by groundwater.

Throughout the year. The lower reaches of the higher water level.

Rift, transitions, dams, burr.

WW 0/1 (2)


53.5 kr.Kena. Confluences. Convenient to start swimming Kena River, 150 m above. The Kena approaches (80) Lavoriškių-Kena a few. After passing the forest, 100 m above the road turn to the DS. branches off to the left lane prieinatis close to the river. Avg. flow of 3.26 m3 / s. Avg. slope to Taurijos 64 cm / km. By outpatient river slowly meanders fields and pamiškėmis, camping sites enough. River width of 10-15 m. Shores are low, overgrown trees, bushes.

53.3 tiltukas.

52.1 Former Nieveriškių HE Dam. At low water levels navigated. Comfortable clog ds.

51.3 Road Lavoriškės-Kena Bridge. ADOMAIČIO.

46.9 tiltukas. Nevieriškės.

45.9 Bridge. Ranch.

45.2 tiltukas.

45.0 Bridge. Lavoriškės.

43.9 Bridge. Slabada.

43.7 tiltukas.

42.3 Former Uosininkų HE. Passage clean.

42.2 tiltukas.

41.3 Vilnius-Lavoriškių road bridge. Uosininkai.

40.3 kr.Pauliukiškės.

40.0 kr.Mažiuliai.

38.1 tiltukas. dš.Antalaukiai.

35.6 Bridge. kr.Taurija.

35.4 dš.Nedzviadka.

34.1 tiltukas. dš.Taurija.

33.5 Bridge.

33.1 dš.Taurija. kr.Taurija. Avg. slope to Kyvės 34 cm / km.

31.4 kr.Rokantai.

29.8 tiltukas. kr.Popierinė.

28.4 tiltukas. dš.Gaidūnai.

25.0 Vilnius-Lavoriškių road bridge. Mickūnai.

24.2 Pedestrian Bridge.

22.4 Pedestrian tiltukas.

22.1 Pedestrian tiltukas. dš.Darželiai.

20.0 Railway Bridge. Prior to the old bridge and the bridge remains. dš.Viktoriškis.

19.8 kr.Kyvė. Avg. slope before the start of outpatient 33 cm / km.

18.7 kr.Šeternikų creek.

17.4 outpatient start. Avg. slope to the Vilnius-outpatient road bridge 146 cm / km.

16.2 Bridge.

15.6 The pipe across the river (high).

15.2 Pedestrian Bridge.

14.9 Pedestrian Bridge.

14.4 Bridge.

14.1 Bridge.

13.9 kr.Murlė. The slope increases, the current accelerates. How much farther from the river Rokantiškių mound.

13.4 Concrete blocks in the river. Navigated the DS.

13.3 Bridge.

13.0 kr.Pūčkorių mound.

12.8 Railway Bridge. Current ebbing.

12.2 Pond beginning.

11.7 Rokantiškių HE Dam. Height of 4 m, a pond area of ​​13 ha. Outpatient end. Below the mouth flow rate, the bed shoals, transitions. Shore Gold.

9.7 Vilnius-outpatient road bridge. Avg. slope to Markučių 396 cm / km.

8.3 dš.Pūčkorių exposure.

7.4 Pavilnio (Belmont) Dam. Passes to sail. 50 m above the pedestrian bridge.

5.0 kr.Markučiai. Avg. slope to the mouth 414 cm / km.

3.7 Bridge. Vilnius.

2.9 Dutch Street Bridge.

2.7 kr.Kipiatok.

2.4 Pedestrian Bridge.

1.9 Užupio Bridge.

1.5 Užupio Bridge.

1.4 Pedestrian Bridge.

1.3 Užupio Bridge.

1.2 Bernardino Bridge.

1.1 Pedestrian Bridge.

0.4 Pedestrian Bridge.

0.0 Vilnia flows into the Neris River. Bridge.