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The river Juosta (the river Nevezis tributary, Panevezys district)

The river Juosta flows in Anyksciai and Panevezys districts, the river Nevezis right tributary.

Length of the river 58 km, the basin area 287 km ². The source at Pajuostinis village, 7 km southeast from Troskunai town. Flows through the lake Juostinis to the northwest. Flows into the river Nevezis 146 km from its mouth at Pajuoste village, 5 km east from the center of Panevezys city. The riverbed channeled. Average gradient 76 cm / km. The banks height 1 - 1.5 m. Current speed 0.1 - 0.3 m/s. Discharge in middle section at Jackagalis village average 0.82 m³/s, min 0.001 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.49 m³/s.

At higher water level

Strainers, water plants

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

28.5 Raguvele - Limeikiai road bridge. right Raguvele. Average gradient to the river Juostinas 141 cm/km. The river channeled, width 6-8 m, in summer overgrows by water plants. At the banks meadows, the banks low, bare. Current speed average. Average discharge 0.95 m³/s.

28.0 Low weir. Navigable.

27.0 Raguvele - Smilgiai road bridge. right Pajuostis.

26.3 right Venys.

25.9 left Juostinas. right Kirbagalis. In some places at the banks small forests. The river width approx. 8 m. Average gradient to the brook Akmena 51 cm/km.

24.3 left Bajoriskiai. Begins Juosta hydrological reserve. On the banks rare forest. In the river can be strainers.

20.5 right Bajoriskeliai. left forest. Channeled section of the river ends. On the banks rare bushes and trees.

19.4 right Martyniskiai.

18.6 Small bridge. right Martyniskiai.

17.9 Small bridge. right Martyniskiai.

16.0 Bridge. left Kulbagalis. Juosta hydrological reserve ends.

15.2 The river channeled again. The banks bare.

14.7 right Akmena. right Kulbiai. Average gradient to the brook J-1 105 cm/km.

12.8 Tekoriskis - Mieziskiai road bridge. left Sutkunai.

12.2 right Tarusku upelis. right Taruskos.

12.1 Pedestrian bridge.

11.8 left forest. Channeled section of the river ends. On the banks trees, bushes. In the river strainers, a few low footbridges.

10.3 Bridge. right Tekoriskis.

9.7 left the brook J-1. Average gradient to the mouth 61 cm/km.

7.0 right Seliupis.

6.9 Bridge. right Tekoriskis. left Biliunai.

4.6 Bridge. right Tekoriskis. right Karsiniai.

3.9 Bridge. right Batrakiai.

3.0 Bridge. right Batrakiai.

2.8 Railway bridge. left Kaimiskis. The river flows through the forest.

0.9 The current calm, the Panevezys pond begins.

0.3 Pedestrian bridge.

0.0 Bridge. The Juosta flows into the river Nevezis. Pajuostis.

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