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The river Kiauna (the river Zeimena tributary, Švenčioniai district)

The river Kiauna flows in Utena, Moletai, Ignalina and Svencionys districts, the river Zeimena right tributary.

Length of the river 54 km, the basin area 314 km ². The source at Kutkiskiai village, 10 km southeast from Utena city. Flows through the lakes Vyzintas, Galuonis, Aisetas, Kiaunas, Gilutas and Sekluotis to the southeast. From the source to the lake Aisetas the river called the Vyzinta, from the lake Aisetas to the lake Kiaunas the river called the Aiseta, below the Kiauna. Flows into the river Zeimena 76 km from its mouth, at Sakaliske village. The riverbed in some places channeled. In summer in some places the riverbed overgrown by water plants. The river is fed abundant groundwater, the river basin is laky and wooded, therefore the water level fluctuation is negligible. The amplitude of water level fluctuations does not exceed 150 cm. Average gradient 86 cm / km. Average discharge at Paaisete village (23 km to the mouth): max 12.9 m³/s, average 2.10 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.95 m³/s.

All year

Footbridges, strainers, water plants

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Distance from the mouth

37.9 Zvaigzdžiakalnis. Western end of the lake Aisetas. The area of the lake 501 ha, max depth 40 m, average depth 10,4 m, length 16 km, max width 570 m. The lake extends from northeast to southwest like windy river. One of longest lakes in Lithuania. Five islands (total 1.78 ha). The banks height approx. 8-10 m, steep, mostly overgrown by forests.

23.7 The river Aiseta flows out from southeast corner of lake Aisetas. Average gradient to the lake Kiaunas 29 cm/km. Current calm. On the banks meadows, near the river forests. Width of the riverbed 10-12 m.

23.2 Labanoras - Saldutiškis road bridge. Paaisete.

22.7 Bridge. Downstream the river channeled, flows through meadows, the banks low, bare.

21.5 right Alsuode. Channeled section of the river ends. Downstream right forest.

20.1 Kiauneliskis.

19.8 Railway bridge. A bit downstream small road bridge.

19.5 The Aiseta flows into the lake Kiaunas. The area of the lake 82 ha, length 2300 m, max width 300 m. The banks mostly low, in some places swampy. The southwest bank wooded.

17.6 The river Kiauna flows out from southeast corner of the lake Kiaunas. riht Kiauneliskis. left Pakiaunys. Current calm. The river flows through forests, the banks mostly low, in some places swampy. Width of the riverbed 7-10 m. Average gradient to Naujasodis village 77 cm/km.

17.2 left Pakiaunys. The river channeled.

16.5 Bridge. left Pakiaunys.

16.1 Small bridge. right Stirniskes.

15.5 Small bridge. left Pakiaunys. Channeled section of the river ends.

14.5 right Naujasodis. Average gradient to the mouth 59 cm/km.

13.5 left Labazis.

12.6 Railway bridge.

12.4 left Labaze.

11.1 Bridge. Vasiuliske.

8.6 Bridge. Zvirbliske.

6.8 Kaltanenai - Labanoras road bridge. right Kuriniai.

5.9 The river to the lake Gilutas channeled.

4.9 Bridge. Pagilute.

4.5 The Kiauna flows into the lake Gilutas. The area of the lake 29 ha, length 920 m, max width 540 m. The banks mostly low, swampy. On the west bank forest.

3.9 The Kiauna flows out from the lake Gilutas.

3.1 The Kiauna flows into the lake Sekluotis. The area of the lake 23 ha, length 1160 m, width 380 m. The banks mostly low, swampy, in some places wooded.

2.4 The Kiauna flows out from the lake Sekluotis.

2.2 Bridge. Kukliai.

0.0 The Kiauna flows into the river Zeimena.

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