Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Aunuva (Siauliai and Kelme districts, Lithuania)

The river Aunuva flowing in Siauliai and Kelme districts, the river Venta left tributary.

Length of the river 26 km, the catchment area 187 km ². Source 5 kilometers to south from Raudenai village. Flows into Venta 316 km from its mouth at the Berzėnai village. Riverbed is very windy, in summer grasses overgrown, 3-4 m wide,  avg. depth 1.2 m. The gradient in upper section of the river 170 cm / km, in the lower section 38 cm / km. In upper section of the river valley is narrow and deep, in middle reaches up to 600 m wide, marshy, in lower section about 200 m wide, marshy. Lower section of the river  channeled. Average discharge at the mouth 1.31 m³ / s.

All year


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Distance from the mouth

8.7 Dam. right Aunuvenai. The river flowing through meadows. Current is calm. Channeled. Riverbed width of 5 m. Overgrow in the summer.

8.1 Bridge.

6.8 left Gumilta.

6.5 Bridge. left Aukseliai.

4.9 Gaulenai - Ramuciai road bridge. right Barborava.

4.3 right Satrija. The Aunuva runoff doubles. Riverbed width up to 10 m.

2.1 Bridge.

0.6  Uzventis - Kursėnai road bridge. left Pasilėnai. right Usakiai.

0.0 The Aunuva flows into the river Venta.

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