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Maps of the river Babrungas, Lithuania

Maps of the river Babrungas

Maps of the river Babrungas. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddling the river Babrungas. Google maps the river Babrungas, Lithuania, Telsiai county, Plunge district. Places near the river: forest Plokstines, village Grigaiciai, ežeras Iešnalis, village Babrungenai, forest Babrungenu, village Uzupiai, village Pauosniai, village Bereniai, village Boziai, village Nugariai, village Kėkstai, village Juodeikiai, village Staneliai, village Slepeciai, village Dilbsiai, village Truikiai, village Babrungas, village Kaspariske, Plunge town, the pond Gondinga, village Noriskiai, village Kausenai, village Maceniai, the pond Prusaliai, village Prusaliai, forest Gandingos, miškas Noriskiu, village Gandinga, village Nausodis, village Mardosai, village Stonaiciai, the pond of Stonaiciai, village Santakis. Tributaries of the river Babrungas: the brook Ilges, the creek Luokupis, the river Uosna, the river Dirnupis, the river Gelandupis, the river Pietve, the river Kirksnupis, the river Cerksne, the river Mazoji Sruoja, the river Mergvagis, the river Liepupė. Points of interest, sightseeings, protected places: the lake Plateliai, the lake Virksta, hillfort Plunge, hillfort Nausodis, hillfort Varkaliai, hillfort Gandinga (Gondingos), Zemaitijos national park, island Pilies, the lake Berzoras, the lake Ziedelis, the lake Ilgis, the lake Aklezeris, Plunge town park, Plunge manor, ponds of Plunge park, Gandinga Landscape Reserve. Places to stay, rural tourism: Campsites: Kayak, canoe, raft rentals: