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The river Buka (the lake Baluosas tributary, Ignalina district)

The Buka - the name of the river Mincia between the lake Utenykstis and the lake Baluosas.

All year

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Distance from the mouth

39.1 The lake Utenas (area 200 ha, a maximum depth of 21 m, average depth 8.5 m ) At the southeast shore of lake  campsite near village Aukštuolinis.

38.9 The river 80 m length between the lake Utenas and the lake Utenykstis flows out of southeast side of the lake Utenas.

37.1 Buka flows out the lake Utenykstis (area 90 ha, a maximum depth of 9.9 m, average depth 4.3 m) from west side of the lake. The gradient to the lake Baluosas 27 cm / km. The river slowly winds through forests. The riverbed width 7-15 m.

33.0 Bridge. Vaisnoriskes.

27.8 Road Ignalina - Tauragnai bridge.

27.0 The Buka flows into the lake Baluosas. The lake area 442 ha, a maximum depth 33.1 m. There are 7 islands (total area 19 hectares).

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