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The river Sirvinta (tributary of the Sesupe, Vilkaviskis district)

Širvinta flowing Vilkaviškio district., Šeimena cr. tributary. Length of 55 km, the catchment area of ​​383 km ². Starts kauniškiai area, 12 km to the P.R. from Vištytis. Flowing to north. Flows into ŠEIMENOS 16 km from the mouth of the spindle 12 km š.v. from Vilkaviškio. The same slope in the upper (16 km stretch) 894 cm / km, below (15 km stretch) suddenly drops to 213 cm / km avg. slope of 376 cm / km. Avg. Zanylos flow above the mouth of 0.98 m³ / s at the mouth 2.01 m³ / s. Formerly part of the bed Širvinta to Alvito Senaširvintės was present in the upper reaches. The nineteenth century. excavated Širvinta Perkasa (Šeimena tributary Valiskiai bed), this portion of the river was all pointing to ŠEIMENOS and became its tributaries. Vaičlaukio area Širvinta dug a channel connected to Paežeriai lake, and this is connected to at Vilkaviškis ŠEIMENOS. This channel draining a small part Širvinta leaks.

Spring flooding, heavy rain and flooding during thaws.

Rift, transitions, burr.

WW 0/1 (2)

42.0 Bridge. kr.Duonelaičiai. The bridge can be achieved Vilkaviškio Gražiškių-way intersection before Duonelaičius turn to r., The KARPIEJ. From the junction to the bridge 700 m. Avg. slope to dotAM 619 cm / km. Avg. flow rate of 0.5 m³ / s. The river flows through the forest, the banks are high and steep in places, the bed rocks, shoals, transitions, burr. The river width of about 5 m.

38.1 dš.Dotamas. Avg. slope to Zanylos 167 cm / km. Fusing a little quiet. The river flows through the fields, the banks are overgrown with trees, bushes. Riverbed rocks, shoals, burr. 2 km long section of the estuary before Aista channeled, bare shores. The river width of about 5 m.

37.9 Pajavonių-Bartininkai road bridge. kr.Sausininkai.

35.3 Bridge.

34.0 dš.Aista (EIST). The river flow almost doubled.

31.5 kr.Zanyla. Avg. slope to Lankeliškių 187 cm / km. Below Avg. flow of 1.54 m³ / s. Does not change the nature of the river.

30.9 kr.Stolaukis.

25.3 Bridge. kr.Šapkinai. dš.Kunigiškiai.

22.5 kr.Lankeliškiai. Avg. dug up the slope of 169 cm / km.

19.3 Bridge. dš.Kumečiai.

16.4 Vilkaviškio-Lankeliškių road bridge. kr.Vaičlaukis.

15.8 dš.Kastinės channel. Bridge. Avg. slope to Brideikio 119 cm / km. By the shores of the estuary are low, the bed rocks, shoals rare, burr.

14.6 Bridge.

11.9 The Bridge. Cick.

10.0 kr.Brideikis. Avg. slope to the hawkish 100 cm / km

9.3 Vilkaviškio-Virbalio road bridge. kr.Alvitas. dš.Maldėnai.

7.5 Bridge.

6.7 dš.Vanaginė. Avg. slope to the mouth 124 cm / km

5.8 Railway Bridge.

2.8 Path Virbalis-Green Bridge. dš.Drebulinė.

0.0 Širvinta flows into ŠEIMENOS.