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The river Barupe (the river Nevezis tributary, Kedainiai district)

The river Barupe flowing in Jonava and Panevezys districts, the river Nevezis left tributary.

Length of the river 50 km, the catchment area 329 km ². Source 12 kilometers to west from Jonava city, at Gineikiai village. To Jonava - Radviliskis railway flows to north, below turn to west, from Labunava village flows again to north. Flows into the river Nevėžis 44 km from the its mouth, at Kruopiai village. Average gradient 101 cm / km. Average discharge at the mouth 1.55 m³ / s. At lower section valley deep. Upper section of the river channeled.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Shallows, small rapids, strainers, dams

WW 1- (1+)

Distance from the mouth

17.5  Road Kaunas - Panevezys bridge. right Nociunai. Average gradient to the mouth 138 cm / km. A nice creek runs through the meadows, the banks overgrown with trees, bushes. Riverbed average width  5 m. Strainers. Current is quite fast. Shallows, small rapids.

16.0 left forest. Downstream section of the river is very picturesque.

14.7 left and right forests. Small Barupe hydrological reserve.

13.6 Forests ends.

9.1 Bridge. right Serbinai. Begins the Labunava HPP pond.

7.3 Road Pamekliai - Labunava bridge. left Pamekliai. right Ansainiai.

7.2 left Mekla.

6.1 left Liepupe. left Sicioniai.

4.6  Labunava HPP dam. Height 10 meters, the pond area 110 ha. right Labunava.

4.5 Rapid.

3.7 left Urka. Begins the Labunava village pond.

2.6 Labunava village dam. right Labunava. The river begins drop to the river Nevezis valley, banks overgrown with trees, bushes. Riverbed average width 5 m. There may be strainers. Current is quite fast. Small rapids.

2.3  Kedainiai - Babtai road bridge.

0.0 The Barupe flows into the river Nevezis.

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