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The river Jara (the river Sventoji tributary, Anyksciai district)

The river Jara - Seteksna flows in Rokiskis and Anyksciai districts, the river Sventoji right tributary.

Length of the river 82 km, the basin area - 608 km ². The source at Kaluskiai village, 2 km southeast from the lake Seteksnis. Up to the former lake Jara (16 km from mouth) called the Seteksna, below - the Jara. The river flows in several different directions old valleys leached by glacial waters. From the source to village Panemunelis flows to the northwest, below to southwest. Flows into the river Sventoji 126 km from its mouth, at Galvydziai village, 7 km southweat from Svedasai town. In upper section the riverbed channeled. The river bed width in lower section 9 - 10 m, depth 0,25 - 0,30 m. Average gradient 86 cm / km. The valley width in lower section approx. 250 m. Current speed 0.20 - 0.30 m/s. Rated discharge at the Ciukai village max 79.4 m³/s, average 4.88 m³/s, min 0.22 m³/s.

All year

A few small rapids, shalows, a few strainers

WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

23.2 left Ilgė (Maleisa). The brook flows from the lake Salu (Dviragis). right Punkiskiai. left Kurklieciai. Current calm. The river width 12-15 m, In some places riverbed channeled. Average gradient to Vikoniai village 27 cm/km. The banks at most bare, in some places bushes, trees.

22.8 Small bridge.

19.6 The river 4 km flows through the former (drained 1934) lake Jara. The river channeled, straight. The banks low, bare.

18.0 left the brook Js-1. left Vaitkunai. right Ruzgai.

17.4 The river flows through the small lake.

16.7 The river flows through the small lake.

16.3 left Miskiniai. right Jutkoniai.

15.6 The channeled section of the river ends. Current calm. At the banks small forests. The riverbed width 10-15 m.

15.1 Bridge.

14.9 right Aluotis.

13.9 left Svedasa flows from the lake Svedasas. left Bajorai.

13.2 Utena - Kupiskis road bridge. Current calm. The river flows through the forest.

12.0 Small bridge. left Ciukai. right Visetiskes.

8.8 On site of former watermill small rapid.

7.2 right Sliepiskis.

6.7 Small rapid

6.3 right Vikionys. Average gradient to the mouth 54 cm/km.

5.8 right Uosinta. left Pauriskiai.

4.7 Bridge. left Pauriskiai.

4.2 Remains of wooden bridge.

3.1 right Kusliai.

2.2 Strainer.

0.0 The Jara flows into the river Sventoji. right Galvydziai.

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