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The river Babrungas (the river Minija tributary, Plunge district)

The river Babrungas flowing in Plunge district, the river Minija right tributary

Length of the river 59 km, the catchment area 270 km ². The river flows from the lake Plateliai. Flowing into south from Plunge town turns southwest. Flows into the Minija 130 km from its mouth at Santakai village. Riverbed width to Babrungenai 4-8 m, 10-15 m below. The deepest point (near the mouth) 2 m. Average gradient  155 cm / km. Valley 100-150 m wide; slopes of the upper section 10-15 m height, 30-40 m below  Plunge town. Current speed from 0.3 to 0.5 m / s. Rated discharge at the mouth: max. 60 m³ / s avg. 3.24 m³ / s, min. 0.25 m³ / s. Runoff module 12 l / s. During the spring flood water rises about 2 m.

All year; better at higher water level.

Shallows, small rapids, dams

WW 1+ (2)

Distance from the mouth

44.3   Babrungas flowing out from the lake Laumis. Gandinga HPP annual regulatory gate, should portage. Rural road   bridge. The river channeled, the current is slow, swampy banks of the forest meadows, near coniferous forests. Few strainers. Before Babrungas mill 0.5 km section overgrown bulrush (navigate close to the right side of the riverbed).

42.2  Road Plunge - Plateliai bridge. Under the bridge the river flows through a tube. Navigated easily. Babrungenai. Near an ancient bridge (1816) Babrungėnai watermill. The dam demolished. Downstream the river in places is very deep and narrow. No strainers. The river flows through Stirbaičiai and Plokstines  forests.

40.7 right Ilge.

38.7 left Iesnalis.

37.9 Bridge. right Babrungenai. The gradient to the river Pietve 160 cm / km.

37.4 Dam. About 2 km  the river flows through forest. A lot of strainers. The river valley is narrow and deep, in the river small rapids. River width  7-9 m.

35.4 Bridge. left Molupiai.

34.6 Bridge. right Bereniai.

33.9 left Uosna. right .

32.5  Plunge - Seda road bridge. Under the bridge the river flows through two pipes. Navigated. left Uzupiai.

31.8 disassembled dam. Navigated. left Uzupiai. Below the river narrows, current fast, small rapids.

30.4 left tributary. right Boziai. Few strainers.

29.5 left tributary. right Kekstai.

28.1 left tributary.

28.0 Nugariai water mill dam. Height 1.5 m. Scrape by.

27.7  Siauliai - Klaipeda highway bridge. Under the bridge the river flows through a tube.

27.4 left Pietve. Width of the river  over 10 m. right . The gradient to the Gandinga pond  143 cm / km.

25.6 Dam. Height about 2 m.

25.4 Bridge.

25.3 right Dirnupis.

23.7 Bridge. left Dilbsiai. right Truikiai.

21.8 left tributary.

21.7 Railway bridge. left Kaspariske.

19.0 left Cerksne.

18.5 Rietavas - Seda road bridge. Beginning of Plunge town.

16.7 Small bridge.

15.1 Dam. (height 3 m). Portage right. Downstream fast current.

14.9 Bridge. Plunge center.

14.6 Pedestrian  bridge. right Plunge Park. Current calm.

13.5 Pedestrian bridge.

12.4 Bridge. Beginning of the Gandinga pond.

11.4 left hillfort Plunge.

9.1 Gandinga HE water transferring canal. To right side from the canal (about 400 m) the dam. Sometimes, at high flood, emergency dam opens, and you can paddling Babrungas old riverbed (7.4 km). Rapids, may be strainers.

8.9 Small bridge.

8.8 Low concrete bridge. left Noriskiai.

7.9 Gandinga derivational HPP dam. Area of the pond 88 hectares. Portage (150 m), better left side.

7.8 right Liepupe. Damming the river and duging transferring  canal the Babrungas shortened 7.4 km. The gradient to the mouth 214 cm / km. Downstream to the mouth small rapids are following each other.

7.1 left hillfort Nausodis.

6.3 left hillfort Varkaliai. left Varkaliai.

5.1 right hillfort Gandinga.

4.6  Plunge - Stonaiciai road bridge. left Mardosai.

1.2 Small bridge. right Stonaiciai. At the mouth of the river the current calm.

0.1 Small bridge.

0.0 The Babrungas flows into the river Minija.

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