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The river Seimena (tributary of the Sesupe, Vilkaviskis district)

The river Seimena flows in Marijampole county, Vilkaviskis district, the river Sirvinta (Senasirvinte) right tributary.

Length of the river 48 km, the basin area 656 km ². The source at Budvieciai village, 15 km southeast from Vilkaviskis town. Flows to northwest. The Seimena flows into the river Sirvinta 6 km from its mouth, 5 km southwest from Kudirkos Naumiestis town. Average gradient 209 cm/km. Average rated discharge upstream the mouth of the river Sirvinta 1.27 m³/s, at the mouth 3.68 m³/s.

All year. Better at higher water level


WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

20.5 Virbalis - Zalioji road bridge. Andriskiai. The river meanders through swampy meadows, widh 3-5 m. Current calm. Average rated discharge 1.1 m³/s. The banks low, overgrown by rare bushes.

16.7 left Sirvinta. The river discharge more than doubles, the current accelerated, the river widening up to 7-10 m. Average gradient to the brook Juodupe 70 cm/km. The banks overgrown by trees, can be strainers.

15.3 Bridge. left Sukliai.

11.7 left Vilkupis. right Parazniai. left Vilkupiai.

8.7 Kybartai - Kudirkos Naumiestis road bridge. right Keturkaimis. left Peletrūnai. The river flows through meadows, at the banks rare bushes. Can be a few strainers.

6.7 left Juodupė. Average gradient to the mouth 33 cm/km. The current calm.

5.7 Bridge. right Lauckaimis.

3.0 left the brook S-1. The banks bare. No strainers. Before the mouth the river widening up to 15 m. The Seimena flows Lithuania - Russia border.

0.0 The Seimena flows into the river Sirvinta (Senasirvinte).

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