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The river Lokysta (the river Jura tributary, Silale district)

The river Lokysta flows in Silale district, the river Jura right tributary.

Length of the river 46 km, the basin area 166 km ². The source at Laukuva village. From the source to Silale town flows to the south, dowstream to west. Flows into the river Jura 112 km from its mouth, 9 km to west from Silale town. Average gradient 183 cm/km, in upper section of 10 km lenght average gradient 1350 cm/km. Average rated discharge upstream the brook Virkule 0.42 m³/s, at the mouth 2.12 m³/s. Runoff module 12.8 l/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, strainers

WW 0/1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

23.4 Dam. left Nevociai. Rare small rapids, strainers. At the banks trees and bushes.

23.3 left Cyzupis. left Nevociai.

20.3 Bridge. Gubriai.

19.9 right Lytis. right Leviskiai. right hillfort Leviskiai.

19.0 Bridge. right Leviskiai. left Gubriai.

17.6 right Serikai.

16.9 left Dirkintai.

16.5 right Serikai.

16.2 left Traukslys.

15.5 Small bridge. Silale.

14.8 Pedestrian bridge. Silale.

14.4 left Asutis. Silale.

14.3 Bridge. Silale.

13.9 Pedestrian bridge. Silale.

13.3 Silale - Kvedarna road bridge. Silale.

12.9 Silale water treatment plants. The current calm.

12.3 left Solys. left Lentine.

10.0 Rubinavas. left hillfort Rubinavas (Sarunkalnis).

9.0 On the site former Rubinavas watermill small rapid. Current accelerates.

8.8 left Rubinavas.

8.6 left linden alley. right remains of Rubinavas manor.

7.6 right Sausruma. right Zasinas. Current fast. To the mouth small rapids, boulders in some places. The banks high. Average gradient to mouth 185 cm/km.

7.2 left Medeliske. The river flows through forest.

4.6 right high outcrop.

4.0 right Zasinas.

2.8 right Zasinalis.

0.0 The Lokysta flows into the river Jura.

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