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The river Kena (the river Vilnia tributary, Vilnius district)

flows in Vilnius county, Vilnius district, the river Vilnia left tributary.

Length of the river 25 km, the basin area 184 km ². The source at Mantusiai village, 9 km north from Turgeliai town. Flows to the northeast. Flows into the river Vilnia 54 km from its mouth at Santakai village. The river width 4 - 8 m, depth 0.3 - 1.2 m. Average gradient 388 cm / km. The banks mostly steep; height 0.8 - 1.2 m. The valley width 140 - 180 m. Speed of current 0.2 - 0.5 m/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.73 m³/s.

All year

Low footbridges, a few strainers, small rapid

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

10.9 right Kuosine. right Ropenai. The river width 4-8 m. The river meanders through the meadows, willages. The banks low, owergrown by bushes and trees. Can be a few strainers. In villages many footbridges. Speed of current average. Average rated discharge 1,57 m³/s. Average gradient to the mouth 75 cm/km.

10.6 Small bridge. right Ropenai.

10.2 Small bridge. right Ropenai.

9.8 Small bridge. right Ropenai.

9.2 Small bridge. right Ropenai.

8.7 Small bridge. left Pakene.

8.3 Small bridge. left Pakene.

8.0 Bridge. left Pakene.

7.7 Small bridge. Pakene.

7.4 Small bridge. Pakene.

7.1 Small bridge. right Pakene.

6.8 Small bridge. right Pakene.

6.2 left Kena.

4.6 Small bridge. right Kena.

3.1 Vilnius - Sumskas road bridge. Kena. The banks overgrown by bushes and trees.

3.0 Small bridge. Kena.

2.2 Small bridge. right Kena.

1.9 Railway bridge

1.6 Bridge

1.4 Small rapid.

0.4 Footbridge. left Santakai.

0.1 Footbridge. left Santakai.

0.0 The Kena flows into the river Vilnia.

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