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The river Merkys (the river Nemunas tributary, Varena district)

The majority (over 95%) Merkys auštupio water Žagrinėje pointing to the envelope (there are upper Merkys description), so it would be logical - Merkys ištakakos is the Žagarinės dam. In this case the length of the river is 119 km. From Žagarinės flowing into p.v. , Lowlands, inflow hornbeam, turns š.v. The river flows into the Neman 418 miles from its mouth, Merkinė. Vaga mostly very curvy, just 15 km section from Žagarinės to Dargužių, straight, channeled. The furrow width of the mouth until frost 12-20 m below the river bed width of 25-45 m, the predominant depth of 0.8-1.8 m, 2.5-3.5 m in places, rėvose 0.5-1 m. Vaga užžėlusi many places, a lot of rocky rifts, boulders. 3-4 miles to the mouth of the river Neman course flooded. Middle vid. slope of 27 cm / km upstream locations to 100 cm / km, the entire river vid. slope of 67 cm / km. By Varėnos River stricken with the sands below reaches the sand lying a solid layer of moraine. As a result, the bed there are many rocks and rifts. Dominating the valley width of 0.4-0.6 km. Flow rate rėvose 0.7 to 1.8 m / s elsewhere 0.3-0.5 m / s. Valkininkai flow rate: max. 91.0 m³ / s avg. 5.0 m³ / s, min. vasra 1.80 m³ / s, min. Winter 2.55 m³ / s Varena max. 356 m³ / s avg. 22.5 m³ / s, min. vasra 8.38 m³ / s, min. Winter 5.40 m³ / s Puvociai max. 498 m³ / s avg. 35.2 m³ / s, min. summer, 16.1 m³ / s, min. winter 6,67 m³ / s. Over the years, the Neman Merkys shall take the 1.1 km ³ of water.

Merkys pool, sandy, swampy and wooded. Powered by abundant sources of the river, so the water is cooler in summer and warmer in the fall, the water level fluctuation lower leakage distribution of the state uniform than most other Lithuanian rivers. The Puvočiai spring run off 35%, 20% in summer, 22% in autumn, in winter 23% of the total annual runoff. Spring flooding Merkin kicks starts in mid-March. The highest flood water level in the middle reaches is 4 m, the lower reaches 5 m above the summer water level. During the summer the water level to stabilize in mid-May and takes the end of October. In summer, the river becomes too weak a little. Rain water level elevates slightly, vid. 0.6-0.8 m in the lower reaches. The biggest summer flood height of 2 m. Continuous autumn rains the water level raises 0.3-0.6 m. The river freezes in late December - early January. On average, every second - the third winter ice cover is absent altogether if it is volatile. Bigger leads 2-3 thaws winter flooding. During the water rises 1.5 m, rarely 0,8-2,5 m. Lower reaches of the river in the spring the ice breaks 5-7 days earlier than the middle reaches.

Throughout the year.


WW 0 (1)

Jašiūnai; Puvociai

110.7 dš.Lukna. Avg. slope to Graužupio 60 cm / km. River channeled, flowing fields. The furrow width of 8-15 m.

109.7 Vilnius-Alytus highway bridge.

108.5 Bridge. Former water control dam.

106.4 dš.Cirvija.

105.6 Bridge. kr.Pamerkiai.

104.0 kr.Mažasis Pirčiupis.

103.4 Bridge.

102.1 kr.Didysis Pirčiupis.

99.9 Bridge. Dargužiai. The river flows to the estuary forests. Ends channeled river stretch. Current slow.

99.2 dš.Graužupis. Avg. slope until frost 36 cm / km.

98.9 Bridge. Dargužiai.

98.7 kr.Raudonėlė. Dargužiai.

98.4 Pedestrian Bridge. Dargužiai.

97.8 Vilnius-Alytus highway bridge. The most convenient place to start swimming.

92.7 dš.Čižiūnai.

91.7 Valkininkai-Varėnos road bridge. dš.Valkininkai. kr.Užuperkasis.

91.4 Pedestrian Bridge. dš.Valkininkai. kr.Užuperkasis.

90.4 dš.Geluža. dš.Valkininkai.

90.3 tiltukas. dš.Valkininkai.

88.9 kr.Šalčia. The river flow is doubled, the river opens up to 20-25 m. Bank to the mouth of most high, covered with pine forests. Patches of open sand outcrops. Avg. slope to Verseka 45 cm / km.

82.9 dš.Spengla.

81.3 Bridge.

79.5 dš.Kukiškės.