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The river Sysa (tributary of the river Nemunas, Silute district)

Syša flowing Silutes district. Nemunas ds. tributary. Length of 61 km, the catchment area of ​​410 km ². Starts Vainuto area, 14 km to the. from the Žemaičiai. By Katyčiai flowing into the p., Further p.v. a Šilute. Flows into Atmata 10 km from the mouth of the Šyša village, 6 km to the SW from Silutes. Avg. slope of 95 cm / km. Upstream from the mouth Silutes channeled bed. The furrow width of the upper 2-3 m and Silutes about 15 m below the Silutes 20-25 m. Depth of 0.5 m in the upper reaches, middle reaches 0.8-1.5 m below Silutes 2 m. Flow rate Jonaitis (19 km from the mouth): max. 37 m³ / s avg. 1.88 m³ / s, min. 0.18 m³ / s. Avg. flow at the mouth 4.72 m³ / s. The spring water rises 1.5-2.3 m above the average summer level. Summer flooding water sometimes rises to 2.1 m, 0.3-0.8 fall on the middle level of the summer. Winter floods are sometimes higher than in the spring. From the river to the mouth Silutes used for navigation.

In the spring, or after more violent rains. From Inkaklių - all year round.

Burr, aquatic vegetation, navigated the dam, shoals.

WW 0 (1)


17.7 Silutes-the Žemaičiai road bridge. kr.Jonaičiai. River width of 6-8 m may be burr. Avg. slope to the mouth of 21 cm / km. Current slow. Avg. flow of 1.88 m³ / s.

17.1 dš.Šustis. kr.Mažiai. The river flow almost doubled. The river width up to 10 m.

16.3 dš.Topalis.

13.4 dš.Jovaris.

12.5 dš.Grabupė. dš.Grabupiai.

11.8 kr.Macikai. Below the river flowing through the forest.

9.9 Klaipeda-Tilsit road bridge.

9.2 kr.Šilutės gardens.

8.7 Metric navigated Dam. Over the pedestrian bridge. Silutes start.

8.4 Bridge.

8.3 Bridge.

7.9 Railway Bridge. After the bridge shoal.

6.6 Bridge.

5.6 Pedestrian Bridge.

5.1 Bridge.

4.1 Silutes harbor. Silutes end.

1.0 kr.Rupkalvė.

0.0 Šyša flows into Atmata (Neman).