Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Muse (the river Neris tributary, Širvintos district)

Flies carrying Vilnius and Širvintų district. Neris ds. tributary. Length of 72 km, the catchment area of ​​340 km ². Starts 4 km š.r. from Paberžės. Flowing into the lake during the battle again. Flows into the Neris River 75 miles from its mouth, the Čiobiškio. Forests cover only 13% of the Battle of the basin area, channeled 53% of the tributaries. From the Battle of the lake to Jauniūnai (15 km) bed channeled. The water level in a year ranges of 1.1 m. In summer, the river bed in places grows water vegetation. Avg. slope of 166 cm / km. Avg. flow at the mouth 2.82 m³ / s.

Better to swim at higher water levels.

Rift, transitions, dam burr.

WW 0/1 (2)

46.4 kr.Tola. kr.Pociūnai. To Vilnius-Širvintų road bridge flowing swampy meadow, bare shores. River width of 7 m, the current slow. Vid.debitas 1.67 m³ / s. Avg. gradient to black 58 cm / km.

43.7 tiltukas. kr.Antanėliai.

43.1 dš.M-10.

42.5 Vilnius-Širvintų highway bridge. kr.Turlojiškės. The river runs through the fields, the banks are overgrown with trees, bushes. Current is not strong. Width of the river to the mouth of the range of 10 m. Uncommon burr. Uncommon in the river banks.

40.7 kr.Juoda. kr.Sakališkės. Avg. slope to M-8121 cm / km.

39.1 tiltukas.

37.7 The highway Vilnius-Panevezys Bridge. kr.Darkuškiai.

36.9 dš.M-8. Avg. slope to Daubariškio 113 cm / km.

36.4 Wooden Bridge. kr.Ingabradė.

35.8 Pond beginning.

32.7 Bartkuškis HE Dam. Height 8 m pond area of ​​60 ha. dš.Bartkuškis.

32.1 Reinforced concrete bridge. Papiernia.

30.4 dš.Žebokšta.

28.9 kr.Spėra. dš.Kaimynai. Current speeds up.

28.4 dš.M-sixth

26.9 tiltukas. dš.Daubariškis. kr.Viršuliškiai. Avg. slope to Grebliaučiznos 160 cm / km.

23.4 dš.M-fourth kr.Kaukiškis.

22.7 Kernavės-Musninkų road bridge. dš.Musninkai. kr.Rusokai.

21.3 The dam remains. Three culverts transitions.

20.2 Musninkų-Čiobiškio Bridge. kr.Virvyčiai.

18.5 kr.Grebliaučizna. Avg. here is based on the slope up to 105 cm / km.

17.4 dš.Minčiukai.

Dš.M 15.3-second dš.Strazdai. kr.Markučai. Burr increases.

12.6 Reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Bartasiūniškis. dš.Pamusiai. Avg. slope to Brazel 286 cm / km. Current is even stronger, less burr along the river banks.

11.3 tiltukas. kr.Ilgojus. The river flows to the estuary forests pamiškėmis.

9.8 Bridge. kr.Lapelės.

9.0 dš.Brazelės. Avg. slope to a flock of 228 cm / km.

6.8 dš.Nuoteka. dš.Nesteriškis.

5.0 dš.Kaimena. Tiltukas. dš.Janionys. Avg. slope to the mouth 194 cm / km. By the mouth of some burr. Shoals occur less frequently.

3.8 dš.Janonių Mound (Pikuolio Hill).

3.3 kr.Ustronė.

0.4 Reinforced concrete bridge. Čiobiškis. dš.vandens mill building.

Fly 0.0 flows into the Neris River.