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The river Nemunas (the Baltic Sea tributary, Belarus, Lithuania)

Neman flows through Belarus, Lithuania and the Lithuanian-Russian border. Length of 937 km (Lithuania 475 miles (116 km flowing Lithuanian-Belarusian-Lithuanian-Russian border), the catchment area of ​​98,200 km ² (Lithuania 46 000 km ²). Begins in Belarus, 45 km to the p. Away from Minsk. Flows into the lagoon.
Upper: from the springs to Katra mouth - all of Belarus.

Middle reaches, from Katra mouth (slightly above Grodno, Belarus) to the mouth of the river Neris. Home (60 km to the Black Ančia mouth) in Belarus, continue 17 miles Neman flows Lithuanian-Belarusian border, below the flowing Lithuania. The river is stricken through the moraine heights Valley mainly narrow and deep, no flood plain, sandwiched between the high terraces, banks are steep, broken in many places the river bed is very curvy. Particularly large and sudden twists of the Punia and Birštono. River corrosive deep, bottom left many stones with concentration of Reva. The first rifts group is slightly above the Grodno. Below rifts pierce the group Neman to Merkinė (nobility, Bear, Falcons, Merkinė, Scissors, tailors) to Irkutsk (Pig, Piglet, boar, ram, Kriaulė) to Balbieriškis (Barbier Buršalas). Middle depth of 1.5-3 m, bed width from 80 m to 200-300 m rėvose. Avg. slope of 23 cm / km, max. - 14 km stretch below Merkys mouth - 43 cm / km and 13 km stretch below prosecute the mouth - 38 cm / km. Flow rate rėvose even in summer placements over 2 m / s.

Lowland: Lithuania is 208 km from Smalininkų to Rusnė river flows Lithuanian-Russian border. 48 km from the mouth (just below Tilsit (Sovetsko) begins Nemunas delta. River branching into Rusnė (dš.), and Life (Kr.). Rusnė high water - this is the main branch. 13 km from the mouth of the Rusnė, branching out into the river again Skirvyt ÷ River (Kr.) and crafts (dš.). regarded as the main branch Amata, although Skirvytė high water. Amata Estuary is 40 km to the p. away from Klaipeda. lower reaches of the Nemunas river bed is much wider (up to 500 m) and more upright than the middle reaches. Vid . slope of 10.5 cm / km and the 32 km stretch to the mouth only 3 cm / km. Vaga volatile, the bottom is sandy. many shoals and islands, the regular flooding, some of them disappear, and new. river depth 1,5 - 5 m. Valley from Kaunas to Smalininkų bright, 1.5-2 km wide, steep and tall (30-35 m) slopes. Floodplains width up to 0.5 km. Below Smalininkų Valley not so bright. between the sea and the mouth of the river Tilsit Vilkyškių gnaw through the ridge and out of the low of the Nemunas delta, which lies in the broad meadows, floodplain during floods.

During the year the Niemen the lagoon shall take the average 21 km ³ of water. The spring river flows 41-46%, 15-18% in the summer, fall 19-22%, 17-21% of the total winter annual volume of water. Flow rate up to 1 m / s during floods up to 1.5-1.8 m / s. Flow rate: Grodno: Avg. max. 957 m³ / s avg. 200 m³ / s Birštone: Approx. max. 1170 m³ / s avg. 274 m³ / s Lampėdžiouse: Approx. max. 2320 m³ / s avg. 467 m³ / s Smalininkai: Approx. max. 2655 m³ / s avg. 547 m³ / s Avg. flow at the mouth 666 m³ / s.

Throughout the year.


WW 0

475.0 kr.Juodoji sinuses. The river flows Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

473.9 kr.Varviškės. Vid.nuolydis to the White Ančia 16 cm / km.

468.1 kr.Bugieda. kr.Bugiedos.

467.2 kr.Simaniškės.

465.2 kr.Baltoji sinuses. kr.Sventojanskas. Vid.nuolydis Kubilnyčios to 24 cm / km.

462.0 dš.Dubrovo.

459.7 kr.Gerdašiai. dš.Privalka.

457.6 kr.Lipniūnai. Neman flows through the territory of Lithuania.

456.4 dš.Kubilnyčia. dš.Švendubrė. The Devil's Stone. Vid.nuolydis to Brest 28 cm / km.

453.9 kr.Brasta. dš.Diržai. Vid.nuolydis Mašnyčios to 21 cm / km.

451.5 kr.Bilsinyčia. dš.Mizarai.

449.7 dš.Vijūnėlė. Starts Druskininkai.

449.2 kr.Avirė.

447.7 dš.Ratnyčia. dš.Druskininkai.

446.7 dš.Grūta.

446.3 Druskininkai, Alytus-road bridge. dš.Neravai.

445.4 kr.Snaigupelė.

444.9 dš.Dzirnė. kr.Gailiūnai.

440.6 kr.Kreisa.

439.6 dš.Pamelnyčia. dš.Viečiūnai.

439.2 kr.Liškiavos mound.

438.9 kr.Krūčius. kr.Liškiava.

433.7 dš.Mašnyčia. dš.Žiogeliai. kr.Žeimiai. Vid.nuolydis Merkys to 18 cm / km.

430.8 dš.Grova. dš.Utieka.

429.2 kr.Kamanių Ravas.

428.5 dš.Gudeliai. kr.Krušonys.

424.9 kr.Paparnys. dš.Maksimai.

423.6 kr.Dubaklonis.

421.0 dš.Pašilingė. dš.Pašilingė.

417.8 dš.Merkys. Great Vid.nuolydis to 31 cm / km.

417.6 dš.Stangė. dš.Merkinės mound.

417.5 Vilnius-Lazdijų road bridge. dš.Merkinė.

416.6 dš.Strauja.

409.8 dš.Apsingė. dš.Netiesos.

405.0 dš.Didžioji. dš.Druskininkai. Vid.nuolydis Krikštonių to 18 cm / km.

400.8 dš.Miežionys.