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The river Ganse (the river Venta tributary, Kelme district)

The river Ganse flowing in Kelme district, the river Venta right tributary.

Length of the river 25 km, the catchment area 115 km2. The river flows from the lake Varvalis (7 km W. from Kelme town). Flowing to NW. Flows into the river Venta 318 km from its mouth, 5 km to the W from Saukenai town. Average gradient 154 cm / km. Average rated discharge below the river Mergupe 0.6 m3 / s, at the mouth 0.81 m3 / s.

All year


WW 0

Distance from the mouth

16.5  left  Ramocia. The river flows slowly, very meandered. The riverbed width 5 m. To the river Lendre the banks overgrown with bushes. left Barsiskiai. left Pabikiai.

14.1 Small dam. To the mouth  the river channeled, flowing through meadows. The banks are low, bare.

13.5 right Lendre. The riverbed width approx. 10 m. On both sides of the river dikes, behind its the ponds. right Palendriai. The banks are low, bare. Average gradient to the river Smertupis  68 cm / km.

13.3 right Medinupis.

12.3 right Dumbliukas. Bridge.

11.7 right Mergupis.

10.4 Bridge. right Laikses.

9.4 Small bridge.

9.3 Kelme - Ramuciai road bridge.

8.7 Small bridge.

7.7 Small bridge. The dikes and the ponds ends.

7.5 left tributary from the ponds.

6.4 right Gatupis.

4.7 Small bridge.

4.2 Bridge. left Lyksilis. right Leonuva.

2.8 left Smertupis. left Vabaliai. Average gradient to the mouth of 89 cm / km.

0.2 Small bridge.

0.0 The Ganse flows into the river Venta.

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