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Dane - Akmena (the Baltic Sea tributary)

The river Dane (Dange, Danija) - Akmena flowing in Kretinga and Klaipeda districts, from the sources to the Bajorai village called Akmena.

Length 65 km, the catchment area of 595 km ². Starts in swampy forest near the Mazieji Zaliniai village, 6 km to the SW from Salantai. Flowing to south through Kretinga city. Flows into the Curonian lagoon in Klaipeda city. From source to Akmenale village regulated, dry summer. Middle part, where the river flows through the valley of erosion, many small rapids. Below Kretinga flowing through wide valley. Average width of riverbed 7-10 m, lower part to  40 m. Depth to the tributary Ekete 0.2 to 2 m below the 3-5, 5-7 in Klaipeda city. Average gradient 88 cm / km, for the lower part (15 km from the mouth) 7cm/km. Average width of the valley 400-500 m, slope height  5-10 m. Current speed 0,1-0.2 m / s at lower part even lower. Rated discharge at the mouth: max. 90 m³ / s average 6.9 m³ / s, minimum 0.7 m³ / s. Spring flood water rises in the middle part  up to 3 m, at Klaipeda is reduced to 1.7 m. Lower part (11 km) suitable for shipping.

Upper part - at higher water level. From Kretinga - all year

Shallows, small rapids, dams

WW 0 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

51.9 Darbenai - Vaineikiai road bridge. left Vaineikiai. left Barkeliai. The gradient to the tributary Burkstinas 80 cm / km. Average flow rate about 2 m³ / s. The river width 15 m. In riverbed stones, rare small rapids.

49.9 left Vainekupis. right the lake Kasuciu.

48.4 Darbenai - Kulupenai road bridge. right Kasuciai.

47.3 left Sukupis. right Uzparkasiai. left Ziugaliai. Beginning of the Tubausiai pond.

45.4 right Kunigupis.

44.8 left Skroblupis. left Genciai.

44.5 Tubausiai dam. Pond area of 85 hectares. left Tubausiai.

44.1 Bridge. left Tubausiai.

43.2 Beginning of the Padvariai pond. left Tubausiai.

41.3 left Pilsupis. Left hillfort Kurmaiciai

40.9 right Juodupis. right Pajuodupiai.

39.9 Bridge. left Kurmaiciai.

38.2 left Burkstinas.

37.6 Padvariai dam. Pond area 82 hectares. left Padvariai. Beginning of Kretinga town. Below the river current is calm.

37.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

36.7 Railway bridge.

36.4 Bridge.

35.7 Bridge.

35.3 left Dopultis.

33.3 Bridge.

32.7 Kretinga dam. Height about 2 m. Under favorable water levels can be navigate. A little below the bridge.

31.9 left Jaurykla.

30.9 Small bridge.

30.4 Small bridge.

30.2 Dam.

28.5 Bridge. Under bridge small rapid. End of Kretinga town.

28.0 right Tenzė.

26.5 left Degalas. left Egliskiai. Left hillfort Anduliai.

25.9 left Babrune. left Valenai. Left hillfort Valenai. The current speed is average.

25.4 Small bridge. right Slikiai.

23.8 left Bone.

23.0 Kretingale - Plikiai road bridge. right Kretingale.

22.5 left Sarcai.

21.2 right Stanciai.

20.3 left Pipirai.

16.8 left Ekete. The current very calm.

16.3 right Dumesis. right Kalnuvenai.

13.4 Klaipeda - Palanga highway bridge. left Aukstkiemiai. right Purmaliai.

12.6 left Ringelis.

11.7 Right hillfort Purmaliai.

9.1 Bridge. left Tauralaukis. Beginning of Klaipeda city. The river width up to 30 m.

4.2 Bridge.

2.7 Railway bridge.

1.9 Bridge.

1.6 Pedestrian bridge.

0.8 Bridge.

0.5 Bridge. Klaipeda city center.

0.0 Dane flows into the Curonian lagoon.

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