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The river Pilve (the river Sesupe tributary, Vilkaviskis district)

The river Pilve flows in Kaunas, Marijampole and Vilkaviskis districts, the river Sesupe right tributary.

Length of the river 63 km, the basin area 334 km ². The source on Ezerelis swamp, 16 km south from Kaunas city. From the source to the nouth of the brook Vabalksne flows to southeast through Kazlu Ruda forests, downstream to west. Flows into the river Sesupe 155 km from its mouth at Pilviskiai town. Average gradient 58 cm/km. The valley narrow, width 20-60 m. Average rated discharge in middle section at Senaziske village (33 km to mouth): max 20.2 m³/s, average 1.16 m³/s, min in summer 0.014 m³/s, min in winter 0.001 m³/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.94 m³/s.

Not recommended in dry summer

Small rapids, shalows, strainers, fallen trees, low footbridges

WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

7.7 Bridge. left Antanavas. right Pliopliai. The channeled river flows through meadows, width approx. 7 m, current calm. On the banks bushes, at the banks in summer reeds and other water plants. Can be strainers and fallen trees.

4.9 Channeled section of the river ends.

4.0 right Uzpilviai.

3.3 left Vaitai.

2.4 Bridge. Pilviskiai

0.1 Bridge. Pilviskiai

0.0 The Pilve flows into the river Sesupe.

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