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The river Spengla (tributary of the Dubinga, Svencionys district)

The river Spengla
flows in Moletai and Svencionys districts, the river Dubinga left tributary.

Length of the river 19 km, the basin area 140 km ². The source 6 km west from Joniskis village. Flows to south through the lakes Nikajas, Arinas, Spengla. The Spengla flows into the river Dubinga 5 km from its mouth, 4 km northwest from Pabrade town. From the source to the lake Spengla calls the Arina. Average gradient 81 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.33 m³/s.

All year


WW 0 (1-)

Distance from the mouth

3.8 Western side of the lake Spengla. Area of the lake 88 ha, length 2280 m, max width 480 m. Northwest and southwest shores high.

3.1 The Spengla flows out from the lake Spengla. The dam. The river flows through forests, width approx. 5 m. The current calm. Can be strainers, beavers dams.

1.0 Spenglas.

0.0 The Spengla flows into the river Dubinga.

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