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The river Agluona guide (Lithuania, Siauliai county, Akmene district)

The river Agluona (Egluona) flowing Siauliai county,  Akmene district, Akmene municipality, the river Vadakstis left tributary.

Length of the river 23 km, the catchment area of 182 km ². Source at Stipirkiai surroundings, 6 km south from Klykoliai. Flowing northwest. Flows into the Vadakstis 36 km from its mouth. Tributaries: right - Alsa, Vezupis, left - Bradantis, Paisle, Molupis, Kirgas. Average gradient 68 cm / km. Valley width of the upper flow 30-50 m, 60-100 m at lower part. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.41 m³ / s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains.

Shallows, small rapids, strainers

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

7.5 Bridge. The river flows calmly. The banks are low, overgrown with bushes.

6.9  right Vezupis.

5.4 Small bridge. Begining of Kivyliai pond.

5.2  left Paisle.

4.4  Akmene-Kiviliai road bridge. right Kivyliai.

3.9  right Pipiris.

2.5 left Molupis.

1.5 left Kesiai.

1.1  left Kirgas.

0.7 Kivyliu dam. Height of 5 m.

0.3  left Sertupis.

0.0 The Agluona flows into the river Vadakstis.

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