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The river Varene (tributary of the river Merkys, Varena district)

Varene flowing Alytus and Varėnos district., Merkys ds. tributary. Length of 50 km, the catchment area of ​​411 km ². Starts Kalesnikas surroundings, 9 km š.v. from the lot. Flows into the upper reaches of the š.r., middle and lower reaches of the pr Varenie a lake. Flows into Merkys 46 km from its mouth, Druskininkai. Avg. slope of 152 cm / km. Avg. flow below Dusmenys 1.40 m³ / s, below Abistos 2.72 m³ / s. Maximum flow rate at the mouth. 40.2 m³ / s avg. 3.72 m³ / s, min. Summer 1.22 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.11 m³ / s. The spring run off of 36%, 19% in summer, 21% in autumn, in winter 24% of the total annual water flow.

Throughout the year.

Burr, Revel.

WW 0 (1 -)


24.3 Bridge. Vėžionys. Avg. slope to Babriškių 96 cm / km. Avg. flow of 1.44 m³ / s. The river flows through rural fields, the banks are overgrown with trees. Current average. The furrow width up to 5 m.

23.0 tiltukas

22.0 Bridge. Vėžionys.

20.5 The river empties into the forest. There may be a burr.

19.1 kr.Musė. kr.Pamusėliai.

18.5 shores of the ruined plant.

16.7 dš.Abista. Below Avg. flow of 2.72 m³ / s. Below the river flows pamiškėmis, the banks are covered with rare bushes. Burr likely.

14.8 Vilnius-Alytus highway bridge. River width of 5-8 m. The river current is slowing down.

13.5 dš.Babriškės. Avg. slope to Varėnos HE 47 cm / km.

8.3 Varen Varen flows into the lake.

8.0 The river flows out of Lake Varen. Below the river flows in forests, can be one of the other burr .. The furrow width of about 10 m.

7.6 Wooden tiltukas. Shores of the former railway bridge supports.

6.7 dš.kolektyviniai gardens.

4.2 Varėnos pond start.

2.2 Varėnos HE Dam. Height of 5 m, the pond area of ​​20 ha. Vilnius-Merkinė road bridge. The river meanders through the boil, banks overgrown with rare trees.

0.9 Bridge. Old boil.

0.0 Varenie flows into Merkys.