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The river Gege (the river Nemunas tributary, Pagegiai district))

The river Gege flows in Silute district, the river Nemunas right tributary.

Length of the river 29 km, the catchment area 450 km ². The source of the river in the flooded meadows at Pagegiai town. Flows through the plain of the low valley of the river Nemunas through the lake Pagegiai to NW , parallel to the river Nemunas, 1-3 km away. The river flows into the river Nemunas 38 km from its mouth at Karceviskiai. Average gradient 19 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 4.32 m³ / s. The river catchment area channeled,  a lot of drainage canals.

All year


WW 0

Distance from the mouth

5.9 right Vilka (new).

5.5  Zemaitkiemis - Lazdenai road bridge. right Plaskiai. The river width approx. 30 m, at the mouth up to 90 m. Almost no current. The river flows through meadows, the banks bare.

0.0 The Gege flows into the river Nemunas. right Pageldiniai.

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