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The river Saltuona (tributary of the Sesuvis, Jurbarkas district)

The river Saltuona flows in Raseiniai and Jurbarkas districts, the river Sesuvis left tributary.

Length of the river 70 km, the basin area 572 km ². The source at Kebaiciai village, 7 km southeast from Raseiniai town. From the source to the river Bebirva flows to southwest, downstream through Erzvilkas town to west. Flows into the river Sesuvis 37 km from its mouth 16 km east from Taurage town. Average gradient 113 cm/km. The valley narrow, width 100-200 m; slopes height in upper section 5-6 m, in lower section 13-17 m. Floodplain width 80-150 m. On the banks many springs. The riverbed width at the mouth 18 m. Dominating depth 0.5-0.6 m. The current speed 0.3-0.5 m/s. Average rated discharge at the mouth 4.06 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, dam, strainers

WW 0/1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

41.4 right Slyna. Average gradient to the brook Akmena 76 cm/km. The river width up to 10 m. Average rated discharge 1.75 m³/s.

41.3 Bridge. right Paslynys. left Aukstrakiai.

39.6 left Pacekluonis.

38.7 right Naukaimis.

34.7 Vadžgiris - Paupys road bridge. right Paparciai. left Stulgiai.

34.0 right Kalupis.

32.8 right Kalniskiai.

30.7 right Dudlaukiai.

29.9 left Bebirva. downstream left Lapgiriai. left Lapgiriai manor. At confluence 2 oaks (the trunks girth 5.4 and 5 m).

29.3 right Plekiai. right Plekiai manor. To the next bridge left forest.

26.6 Bridge. right Zukaiciai. left Butkaiciai.

25.0 left Baciai.

24.0 right Gabsiskiai.

21.0 right Visciova. left Steponava. left Kuziai.

19.5 left Trunda.

18.2 right Akmena. left Sendirviai. Average gradient to mouth 72 cm/km. In section to the brook Erzvilkai (lenght 3 km) average gradient 180 cm/km. Small rapids.

17.0 Erzvilkas - Jurbarkas road old bridge. left Balandziai.

15.1 right Erzvilkai. At confluence hillfort Erzvilkas. right Erzvilkas.

14.2 Erzvilkas - Jurbarkas road bridge.

13.1 right Kulvertiskiai. The broken, navigable dam. Height 0.5 m. Sharp stones!

12.7 left Bauzaiciai.

12.1 left Pelkupis.

9.3 right Virzuona. right Butaiciai.

8.4 right Velbe. right Milaiciai. left Rudziai.

8.0 Bridge. right Avietiskiai.

6.5 right Pasaltuonis.

6.1 left Sargupis.

4.2 right Labaukstas.

3.7 right Varnaiciai.

0.4 left Uzvarniai.

0.0 The Saltuona flows into the river Sesuvis.

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