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The river Ratnycia (the Nemunas tributary, Druskininkai district)

The river Ratnycia flows in Belarus and Lithuania (Alytus county, Druskininkai district) the river Nemunas right tributary.

Length of the river 33 km, the basin area 185 km ². The source in Skleriai swamp, 18 km southwest from Druskininkai town. Flows to southwest through the lake Dubas (to the lake calls the Purve), turns to north (in this section the river calls Kusenka), flows through the lake Latezeris, turns to northwest. From the source 3 km flows in Lithuania, downstream 11 km in Belarus, 3 km Lithuania - Belarus border and last 16 km in Lithuania again. Flows into the river Nemunas 448 km from its mouth at Druskininkai town. Average gradient 160 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 1.15 m³/s.

All year. Better at higher water level

Rapids, shalows, dams, strainers

WW 0/1- (1+)

Distance from the mouth

12.9 The Ratnycia flows out from the lake Latezeris. 50 m downstream small bridge. The current speed average. The river width 5-7 m, small rapids, the valley narrow, approaching the mouth getting deeper. Can be strainers and fallen trees. right forest. Average rated discharge 0.80 m³/s. Average gradient to mouth 249 cm/km.

12.7 Small bridge.

12.6 Bridge. Latezeris.

12.1 Small bridge.

11.7 The river flows through the small lake.

11.6 right Cimakine. right Kermosija. The river flows through forests. Can be strainers and fallen trees.

8.5 Druskininkai - Latezeris road bridge.

8.3 Bridge.

8.0 Bridge. Naujasode. Near the river forests, on the banks trees, the valley deep, the banks in some places steep. Can be a few strainers. The current fast. To the mouth shalows, small rapids.

7.5 left Ratnycele. right Wooden sculpture park.

6.2 Footbridge.

5.2 Bridge. left Druskininkai.

4.8 Bridge. Druskininkai.

4.4 Small bridge. Druskininkai.

3.8 Small dam. Druskininkai.

3.0 Small bridge. Druskininkai.

2.7 Small Bridge. The pond begins. Druskininkai.

1.9 The dam. Under the dam bridge. The current calm.

1.6 Bridge. Several meters upstream the dam. 20 m downstream pedestrian bridge. Druskininkai.

1.4 Small bridge. Druskininkai.

1.1 The dam. Druskininkai.

0.8 Bridge. Druskininkai. Druskininkai park.

0.5 Bridge. Druskininkai park.

0.4 Small bridge. Druskininkai park.

0.05 Pedestrian Small bridge. Druskininkai park.

0.0 The Ratnycia flows into the river Nemunas. Druskininkai park.

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