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The river Sunija (tributary of the river Jura, Taurage district)

Šunija flowing Silales and Cesis district., Marine cr. tributary. Length of 34 km, the catchment area of ​​158 km ². Starts 4 km p. from Upyna. Flowing into pv, flows into the sea 53 miles from its mouth, Rekstukuose, 5 km to north. from Tauragės. Tributaries: Upynalė, Thule, Ringo, how Duobeižis, Karapolis, Irtuona, Užupis (all ds.). Avg. slope of 336 cm / km. Avg. flow at the mouth 1.71 m³ / s.

Spring thaw, rain and flooding during thaws.

Rift, transitions, burr.

WW 1 (2)

7.5 dš.Irtuona. Confluence can be achieved Tauragės-Silales highway through Mazon (about 8 miles from Tauragės). Middle River. flow at the confluence of about 1.5 m³ / s, the slope of the section to the mouth of more than 200 cm / km. Current is strong. Hills are steep, up to 5 m in height. Scenic river.

6.2 of a highway bridge.

5.4 cr. the river approaches the forest, which stretches almost to the mouth.

4.3 dš.Užupis.

3.0 Tauragės-Silales highway bridge.

0.0 dš.Rekstukai. Šunija flows into the sea.