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Maps of the river Sesuva, Lithuania

Maps of the river Sesuva

Maps and aerial photos of the river Sesuva. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddling the river Sesuva. Google maps the river Sesuva, Lithuania, Kaunas county, Kaunas district, Karmelava municipality. Places near the river: village Uzusaliai, forest Pravieniskiu, forest Budu, the pond of Uzusaliai, forest Karmelavos, village Kalnenai, village Sunkiniai, village Girininkai, forest Turzenu, village Turzenai, village Sesuva, forest Girininku, village Kaukazas. Tributaries of the river Sesuva: the brook Ciulotas, the creek Livinta, the river Zelva, the river Budupis, the river Garsas, the river Lapirda, the river Sunkine, the river Trainupe, the river Vesa, the river Neris. Points of interest, sightseeings, protected places: Places to stay, rural tourism: Campsites: Kayak, canoe, raft rentals: