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The river Vyzuona (tributary of the river Shventoji, Utena district)

Vyžuona flowing Molėtų and Utena district., Holy cr. tributary. Length of 55 km, the catchment area of ​​411 km ². Emitted from thallium lake, 4 km š.r. from Skudutiškis. Initially, a few miles from flowing into BC, then to š.v. Flows to the Holy 141 miles from its mouth, 3 km š.v. from Vyžuonos. Avg. slope of 168 cm / km. Avg. flow below the Rush 2.95 m³ / s at the mouth 3.82 m³ / s.

Throughout the year, but better at higher water levels.

Revel, burr.

WW 0 (1 -)

24.8 Utena. Bridge to Utena hospital. The river slowly meanders fields. Shores are low, marshy, overgrown with bushes, trees. There is a burr. The furrow width of 5-8 m.

22.8 dš.Rašė.

22.6 Bridge.

19.4 Bridge. kr.Vyžuonėlės.

17.1 kr.Tralnys. Avg. slope to the mouth of 55 cm / km.

16.7 kr.Ringys.

16.4 kr.Kaliekiai.

15.9 Bridge. dš.Biliūnai.

13.7 kr.Šiaudiniai.

10.9 dš.Lukna taken from Lucknow lake.

9.9 Bridge. kr.Vyžuonos. dš.Plaušai.

8.9 Vyžuona flows into Pike Lake. The lake area of ​​39 ha. Shores tall.

8.8 The river flows out of Pike Lake.

8.3 kr.Dusyna taken from Dusynas lake.

8.0 Bridge. Vyžuona. Fusing a little quicker, the river opens. The furrow width of 10-15 m. By the mouth of coastal woods, the banks are higher, overgrown trees, bushes. The river can be a little burr.

3.6 dš.intakėlis.

0.0 Vyžuona flows into the Holy.