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The river Jura (Rietavas, Silale, Taurage, Pagegiai districts)

The river Jura flows in Plunge, Silale, Taurage and Pagegiai districts, the river Nemunas right tributary.

Length of the river 177 km, the basin area 3986 km ². The source on the western slope of Zemaitija highlands, 10 km northwest from Rietavas town. Flows through towns Rietavas, Pajuris, Kvedarna and Taurage. Flows into the river Nemunas 81 km from its mouth. The basin area of the biggest tributary the river Sesuvis river occupies 48% of basin of the river Jura. The riverbed curvy, average width in upper section 10-20 m, in middle and lower sections 25-40 m. Average gradient 60 cm / km. In lower section, last 35 km to the mouth average gradient only 8 cm/km. The banks height 1-5 m, in middle section outcrops up to 25 m height. The valley curvy, floodplain narrow. The valley average width to the river Akmena 300-500 m, downstream 500-1000 m. The river characterized by sudden and high floods not only in the spring, but after the heavy rains in summer and autumn and thaws in winter time. In upper and middle sections the river flowing fast. Average rated discharge at the mouth 41.8 m³/s.

Better at higher water level. In lower section all year

Rapids, shalows, dams, strainers

WW 0/1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

154.4 Rietavas - Silale road bridge. Average rated discharge 1.7 m³/s. The river to Zadvainiai village channeled, flows through meadows, the banks bare. The riverbed widh approx. 5 m. Average gradient to the river Letausas 65 cm/km.

153.7 Bridge. right Pelaiciai.

152.8 right Kumelupis.

150.8 Bridge. left Pajuris. The river flows through forests.

147.3 Bridge. Zadvainiai. Channelled section of the river ends.

146.4 right Letausas. Average gradient to the river Aitra 68 cm/km.

145.7 Kaunas - Klaipeda highway bridge. The river flows through forests, can be a few strainers, in summer in some places the riverbed overgrown by water plants. It is virtually untouched by civilization place.

144.4 Bridge. Rindes.

143.6 left Rindes.

142.5 right Plunke. right Plunkenai.

141.9 left Rinde. left Rindes.

139.5 right Margu upelis.

136.8 left Deguva. Legai forest.

134.2 left Aitra. Discharge doubles - 7.3 m³/s. Average gradient to the river Lokysta 61 cm/km. Small rapids, stones, in some places boulders.

133.8 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

133.7 right Gilvija.

131.3 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Pagraudis.

129.2 left Pienauja.

127.5 Pajuralis - Kvedarna road bridge. right Pajuralis. left Kvėdarna.

127.2 left Geniotalis.

125.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

124.9 Rapid. Height 0.5 m.

124.7 left Druskis. left hillfort Padievaitis.

123.5 left Gagaiciai.

122.4 right Lokupis. left Palaivis.

122.0 left Vezus. left Antupalis.

120.7 left hillfort Guvainiai.
120.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

120.0 right Labus.

119.6 left Skurbynas. right Visgaudziai. left Guvainiai.

117.2 left Slaunis. right Loma.

112.4 left Lokysta. Average gradient to Zvingiai village 95 cm/km.

110.9 right Zvere. left Kirnes.

109.0 left Silvada. left Vidutiske.

108.4 left Ilgotis. left Keberksciai.

105.9 Rapid on site of the former dam of water mill. left Pajuris.

105.5 right hillfort Kunigiskiai. right Lileikenai. left Pajuris.

105.0 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

104.6 right Kise. right hillfort Pakisys. right Kunigiskiai.

103.9 left Nemylas. left Pajuris.

103.6 Bridge. left Pajuris. right Uzjuris. Small rapids, rapids, the banks steep.

102.1 right Gerve. left Kalniskiai.

101.1 Rapid. right Dapkiske. left Pakalniskiai.

100.2 left Trumpe. At the mouth of the brook huge conglomerate boulder. left Baciske.

97.9 left Gulbiskiai. right Dapkiske.

97.4 right hillfort Dapkiske.

95.7 left Zvingiai. Average gradient to the brook Ziurzmotis 83 cm/km.

94.5 Navigable small dam.

94.3 right Bikava. Silute - Silale road bridge. right Bikavenai. left Zvingiai. The current calms.

92.4 left Odmuo.

92.3 right Lolycia. right Stokaiciai.

89.8 left Barys. left hillfort Vilku Laukas II (Veringa).

89.5 left Vilkų Laukas. left hillfort Vilku Laukas I (Kuple).

88.4 right Visbarai. The Balskai pond begins.

84.2 left Ziurzmotis. right Vaidilai. Average gradient to the brook Ringia 111 cm/km.

82.3 left Didkiemis.

81.3 left Ausbruva. right Balskai.

80.8 The dam of Balskai. Portage better left. Downstream the curent calm, rare, easy small rapids.

79.4 left Kernusupis. left Tamosaiciai.

78.3 right outcrop Geniai.

77.4 left Lylava. left Tamosaiciai.

76.4 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Geniai.

75.0 left Liliava. left Kuturiai.

73.4 left Akmena.

73.0 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

72.0 left Ringia. 0,5 km upstream hanging pedestrian bridge. Average gradient to the river Sunija 66 cm/km.

71.9 Bridge. right Gudlaukis. left Ringiai.

68.8 left Sungailiskiai.

62.9 left Matiskiai. right Saukenai. right hillfort Matiskiai.

61.0 left Reksciai.

59.2 right Dubale. right Jociai.

59.1 right Vynija.

58.3 left Mineikiskiai.

57.5 right Alanga. right Alanga.

54.6 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Lengveniai. left Reksciai.

52.1 left Sunija. left Rekstukai. right Vitkaiciai. Average gradient to the river Sesuvis 58 cm/km.

49.8 right Dapkiskiai.

48.8 left Norkaičiai.

48.3 left Galmeniai.

46.9 right Dauba. right Jatkanciai. right hillfort Dapkiskiai.

43.0 left Miltauja. Taurage.

42.3 The dam. Portage better left.

42.1 Bridge. Taurage.

38.6 Railway bridge. right Taurai. left Ližiai. Taurage. Current calm.

35.8 right Dvareliai.

35.1 left Sesuvis. Average gradient to Kriokiskiai village 14 cm/km.

33.8 left Pajuris.

32.9 right Ezeruona. right Beigeriskiai.

31.6 right Meldiklaukiai.

29.8 right Meldikupe.

28.8 right Lauksargiai.

27.9 right Kalenai. left Dauglaukis. 1.5 km from the river right hillfort Greizenai.

22.9 right Oplankis.

21.5 right Oplankis.

19.5 left Kriokiskiai. Average gradient to the mouth 6 cm/km.

14.5 left Zagmantai.

13.5 right Daubale.

13.3 left Giluve.

11.7 right Mociškiai.

11.0 Jurbarkas - Silute road bridge. right Mociskiai.

10.9 left Jurgupis.

9.7 right Lankupe.

5.4 right Liunas. right Opstainis.

4.0 left Vezininkai.

0.7 right Sereitlaukis.

0.0 The Jura įteka flows into the river Nemunas.

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