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The river Gauja (the river Nemunas tributary, Salcininkai district)

The river Gauja (Gavja) flowing in Salcininkai district, Lithuania and Belarus, the river Nemunas right tributary.

Length of the river 94 km (30 km in Lithuania), catchment area 1677 km ² (in Lithuania approximately 200 km ²). Source 10 km to NE  from Salcininkai town, near Belarus. Flowing into SE through Dieveniskes town. From Girdziunai village 4 km flowing Lithuania - Belarus border, continue to Belarus. The river flows into the Nemunas 712 km from its mouth, 21 km to SE from Lida city. Average gradient in Lithuania 192 cm / km. Average rated discharge at the Lithuania - Belarus border 1.60 m³ / s.

All year

Strainers, low footbridges

WW 0

Distance from the mouth

76.6 Dieveniskes - Smaliskes road bridge. right Dieveniskes. The river channeled, flowing through meadows.

75.3 The channeled river stretch ends. The river is flowing meadows, forest.

72.8  right Berzelis. right Kalviai. The confluence can be reached by Dieveniskes - Subotniki (Belarus) road. From Dieveniskes 1.9 km. To the river approx. 100 m. Average rated discharge approx. 1 m³ / s. Average gradient to Girdziunai village 55 cm / km. The current speed average. The river meanders between forests and marshy banks, the riverbed width 5-8 m. Can be strainers.

70.2 left Verseka. Discharge of the river deliberately increased. left Verseka. right Naujieji Kalviai.

68.5 Bridge.

67.5 right Gudeliai. left Pagaujenai.

64.4 Bridge. right Girdziunai.

63.4  right Girdziunai. Average gradient to the Lithuania - Belarus border 156 cm / km.

62.5 The Gauja flows the Lithuania - Belarus border.

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