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The river Levuo (Kupiskis, Pasvalys and Panevevezys districts)

The river Levuo flows in Panevezys county, Kupiskis, Pasvalys and Panevezys districts, the river Musa right tributary.

Length of the river 148 km, the basin area 1588 km ². The source in Notigale forest, 6 km northeast from Skapiskis town. Flows through Central lowland, from the source to the bridge of Kupiskis - Pandelis road to northwest, turns to southeast, from Palevene village flows to west, at forest Zalioji giria, from the Sanzile channel turns to north. Flows into the river Musa 50 km from its confluence with the river Nemunelis , 2 km northeast from Pasvalys town. The riverbed from the source to Palevene village channeled. Dominating riverbed width to Karsakiskis village approx. 10 m, downstream approx. 30 m, max width 42 m. The river depth 0.6-1.2 m. In summer the riverbed overgrown by water plants; on some places in the riverbed boulders. Average gradient 51 cm/km. The banks height 1-3 m. The valley mostly open, width 400-600 m, 10-15 m depth. The current speed less 0.1 m/s. Rated discharge at Kupiskis town: max 92 m³/s, average 2.06 m³/s, min in summer 0.034 m³/s, min in winter 0.047 m³/s; at Pasvalys town: max 274 m³/s, average 9.02 m³/s, min in summer 0.09 m³/s, min in winter 0.31 m³/s. The spring flood lasts 20-30 days. Water level in spring 2-3 m higher than in summer. In summer and autumn can be 1-4 rain floods, lasts 10-12 days. During this floods water level rises in upper and lower sections 0.7-1.2 m, in middle section 1-1.5 m. The surface of basin of the river Levuo is flat, conditions of runoff is poor, resulting in excessive wet areas especially during spring and summer floods. For the basin drainage, the river Levuo at Berciunai village, close to Panevezys city, in 1931 connected by the Sanzile channel with the river Nevezis. The river water excess (at high floods up to 40%) flows to the Nevezis river.

All year. Better at higher water level

Rapids, shalows, dams, strainers

WW 0 (2-)

Distance from the mouth

109.9 left Kupa. left Kupiskis.

109.0 Kupiskis - Birzai road bridge. right Svideniai. left Biciai. To Noriunai the river flows through forest, width up to 15 m. The current calm. Average gradient to village Pasuosiai 18 cm/km.

105.3 right Aukstuoliupis.

104.2 left Zveriai. Small rapid.

102.4 left Naktake. left Noriunai. right Palevenė.

102.3 Bridge. left Noriunai. right Palevenė. The river flows through meadows, in some places at the banks small forests. Current calm. In some places big stones in the riverbed. Width 15-20 m.

101.7 left Krioklys. left Noriunai. right Palevenė.

98.8 left Pasuosiai. Average gradient to village Tiltagaliai 36 cm/km.

95.0 left Suosa.

94.6 Bridge. Under the bridge rapid. left Stirniskiai. right Radziunai.

94.1 left Palevene manor.

93.9 left Gorpys.

93.0 left Pilupis. left Baronai. right Stirniskiai. left hillfort Stirniskis.

91.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Skrebai.

90.1 left Gastamas. left Skrebai.

89.1 left Viesinta.

88.4 left Ilguciai. Current calm, the Akmeniai pond begins.

86.9 The dam of Akmeniai HPP. Height 2 m, area of the pond 9 ha. left Ilguciai.

85.9 Subacius - Vabalininkas road bridge. left Kunciai. right Akmeniai.

84.6 The small dam-rapid. left Kunciai.

82.2 Bridge. right Tiltagaliai. Average gradient to the brook Zambas 51 cm/km.

81.6 right Marnaka.

81.5 right Marnakelė. right Palaukiai.

81.0 left Sonas.

80.3 left Bygailiai.

77.8 right Rudupys. right Bygailiai.

76.6 Bridge. right Bygailiai.

74.5 right Sausine. right Breiviskiai.

73.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge. Karsakiskis.

72.5 Panevezys - Kupiskis road bridge. Karsakiskis.

69.9 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Pazambe.

69.8 right Zambas. right Pazambe. Average gradient to village Pamariskiai 44 cm/km.

69.3 left Pietupis.

69.1 left Gieglaitis. Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Pagiegala.

67.0 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Naujikai.

64.9 left Geleze. left Bernotai.

64.0 left Ramunis. left Pinigeliai.

63.0 Bridge. right Paliunidkis. left Pinigeliai.

62.9 Small rapid. left Pinigeliai. right Paliuniskis.

61.7 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Tutiskiai.

61.4 left Liekupis. left Tutiskiai. Rapid.

58.6 left the brook L-3. right Pamariskiai. Average gradient to the bridge of Skaistgiriai - Paistrys road 33 cm/km.

58.4 Small rapid.

57.4 left the brook L-1.

55.8 Vilnius - Ryga highway bridge. left Piniava.

55.4 Pedestrian bridge. left Piniava.

54.9 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Piniava.

54.1 right the brook L-2.

51.2 Vilnius - Ryga highway bridge. right Seskai.

49.9 Small rapid. left Rekliai.

49.8 Small rapid.

48.6 Panevezys - Paistrys road bridge. left Bernatoniai. right Gasparai.

48.5 left Sanziles channel. left Bernatoniai.

46.1 right Kodziupis.

44.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

42.5 Pedestrian bridge.

42.1 left Siaudine.

41.5 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Kupstai.

40.4 right the brook.

39.0 left Vebrupe. left Skaistgiriai. The rivers flows through meadows, width 20-30 m. Current calm.

38.7 Skaistgiriai - Paistrys road bridge. left Skaistgiriai. Average gradient to the brook Amata 28 cm/km.

37.5 right Pilsia. right Teberiskiai. The banks steep, height up to 2-3 m, overgrown by trees.

33.0 Small rapid. right Naujalaukis.

31.8 Small rapid. right Adomava.

29.8 Hanging pedestrian bridge. right Birzeliai.

28.6 Small rapid.

28.0 Small rapid.

27.2 right Svirnupis. right Lavenai.

26.8 left Amata. Average gradient to village Katinai 52 cm/km. The current a bit faster. The river width 25-35 m.

25.0 Pusalotas - Pumpenai road bridge. left Papiskiai. right Smilgeliai.

23.7 Water mill dam. right Smilgeliai.

23.5 left Paleveniai.

21.5 right Robata.

20.3 Small rapid. left Toliunai.

20.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Toliunai. right Gegabrastai. To Butrimoniai village a few small rapids.

17.4 right Dusa. left Budrioniai.

16.7 right Auriliskiai.

15.3 left Katinai. Average gradient to the mouth 69 cm/km.

13.5 left Zasa. left Leveniskis.

11.8 left Lizai.

11.0 right Talackoniu upelis. right Palevenis. left Naujikai.

9.8 Balsiai water mill. Small rapid. left Balsiai.

9.1 right Istras. right Talackoniai.

8.3 left Skeriai. right Pagojis.

7.6 Dvareliskiai.

6.0 Pasvalys.

4.9 dam. Pasvalys.

4.3 right Svalia. Pasvalys.

4.2 Bridge. Pasvalys.

3.4 Bridge. Pasvalys.

2.1 Bridge. Pasvalys.

1.4 Railway bridge. left Pasvalys wastewater treatment plants.

0.0 The Levuo flows into the river Musa.

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