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The river Suoja (tributary of the river Kirsinas, Panevezys district)

The river Suoja flowing District and Panevezys district., Kiršinas cr. tributary. Length of 51 km, the catchment area of ​​258 km ². Starts Vaišgų area, 7 km p.v. from Šeduvos. Upper reaches to the confluence with the byes called which. Flowing into the p. Flows into perverting 3 km from its mouth to Sargenai, 3 km to the SW from the New Town. Avg. slope of 94 cm / km. Avg. flow at the mouth 1.34 m³ / s. Name of the river probably Finno-Ugric origin.

Not recommended to swim a dry summer.

Burr, Revel.

WW 0 (1 -)

3.1 Liberiskio Pond Dam. Pond area of ​​70 ha. Liberiskio. The river flows through the fields, on the banks high places, overgrown shrubs, rare trees. Vid.vagos width of 5 m. There may be a burr.

2.6 dš.Trinupis.

1.5 dš.Guopys.

1.1 New Town Road-Sidabravas Bridge. dš.Pakalniškiai.

0.0 Šuoja flows into perverting.