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The river Dubysa (Kelme, Raseiniai, Kaunas, Jurbarkas districts)

The river Dubysaflowing in Siauliai, Kelme, Raseiniai, Kaunas and Jurbarkas districts, the river Nemunas right tributary.

Length of the river 146 km, the catchment area 2069 km ². Source is 4 km NW from the lake Rekyva. Flowing to S. The river Dubysa flows into the river Nemunas 167 km from its mouth, at Seredzius town. The upper section to  the lake  Raizgiai called the Genupis or the Sventupis. The Dubysa has 38 tributaries. Riverbed in the upper section of the river is narrow (0.5-2 m wide) and very windy. At Bubiai town the Dubysa  flows into the Kurtuvenai valley. The river flows  parallel to the Dubysa -  Venta channel. In some places the riverbed of the river Dubysa  coincides with the channel, from the river Siause the Dubysa is wider and deeper. The river width in middle section 20-30 m, 40-60 m in lower section. The depth in rapids from 0.1 m, in holes up to 4 m. Average gradient 70 cm / km. The valley 300-500 m wide, it slopes up to 40 m high, steep (especially at Ariogala town where the valley crosses the  moraine section). The valley floor covering 15-20 m thick alluvial layer. The current speed from 0.1 to 0.3 m / s. Rated discharge at the mouth: min. 4-5 m³ / s, avg. 13.4 m³ / s, max. 100-150 m³ / s. The Dubysa mainly powered by rain and melt water, so the water level fluctuating significantly. The river catchment area is very narrow, asymmetrical. From the middle section to the mouth from the right enters only a few short streams.

All year, but not recommended in dry sumer

Rapids, shallows

WW 1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

120.2  wooden bridge. right Deiviai. right Pasventupe. The river flows through meadows, small woods. The river width  7-9 m. In the river may be a strainers.

119.8 Road ford.

119.0 right Padvarininkai.

115.0 right Lukojus. right Sarapiniske.

113.0 right Sedvydziai. Average gradient to Gecaiciai village 70 cm / km.

112.7 left Siause. left Gembutiske. Rated discharge deliberately increased.

110.8 right Krazante. Rated discharge more than doubled, the river opens up to 15 m. The banks mostly steep in some places high.

110.6  Road Kelme - Tytuvenai bridge. Padubysys. The most convenient place to start a trip the Dubysa. Downstream are rare small rapids.

110.2 On Padubysis former water mill dam site rapid.

109.3 right Burbaiciai.

104.6 right Gecaiciai. To the river Medus some small rapids. Average gradient to Kalviskiai village 49 cm / km.

102.7 right Medus.

102.4 right Eimanciai. left Svirniai.

100.2 left Pabariukai.

98.5 left Lokysta.

98.2 left Gryzuva. A bit downstream small rapid. left Visgailai. A bit further from the river left hillfort Kubiliai (Birutkalnis).

96.5 right Saldus.

96.4  Road Kelme - Tytuvėnai reinforced concrete bridge.right Maironiai. The Maironiai stone with a child's foot. left Mosteikiai. At the river forests.

92.8 Pedestrian bridge. right Laugalis.

89.5 right Alme.

87.9 Pedestrian bridge. right Padubysys. left Bulavenai.

86.2 left Didravis. left hillfort Bulavenai. right Zakeliskiai.

86.1 On the former water mill dam site navigated rapid.

83.2 left Kalviskiai. right Skiruciai. Downstream are few small rapids. Average gradient to the river Tvarkante  40 cm / km.

80.5 Pedestrian bridge.

80.0 right Dratvuo.

77.6 Pedestrian bridge.

77.5 Railway bridge. right Lyduvenai. left Naudvaris. The river width approx. 20 m. Rare small rapids.

77.3 Bridge. left Zalpiai. A bit further from the the bank left hillfort Lyduvenai III (Kaukuris).

76.9 right hillforts Lyduvenai I and II.

76.5 right Patolupis.

74.0 Pedestrian bridge.

73.6 left Lapise. left Norvydziai.

71.9 left Zyzdre. right Godlaukis.

70.1  Raseiniai - Siluva road bridge. left Katauskiai.

68.8 On the former water mill dam site rapid.

68.0 Small rapid.

67.1 left Prazuva. left Rainiskiai. right Pakalniskiai.

65.4 left Tvarkante. right Rakava. Average  gradient to the river Lukne 74 cm / km. Small rapid.

62.2 left Liolinga.

61.3 Small rapid.

61.1 Rapid.

60.1  Raseiniai - Grinkiskis road bridge. right Daugodai. left Kybarteliai. Dowstream are few small rapids.

56.6 right Padubysis mound. left Spandotai.

54.6 left Lukne. right Kengiai. Average gradient to the river Sakuma 35 cm / km.

54.4 left Kurantas. Downstream are rare and easy small rapids.

51.1 left Paliepiukai.

48.4 left Muke. 30 m downstream on the former water mill dam site rapid. Downstream in 0.5 km length section small rapids. left Maslaukiskiai. The river width 25-35 m.

46.0 left Lelykas. right Tarosai. left Betygala.

45.6 Pedestrian bridge.

44.8 left Vaskute. left Vaskuciai. right Tarosai.

41.3 left Zverincius. right Milasaiciai. left Smulkiske.

40.6 right Sventupis. right Pasventupiai. right Pakalniskiai.

39.4 Pedestrian bridge. right Ugioniai. left Naujanka.

38.2 right Sakuma. left Rociske mound. Rare and easy small rapids. Average gradient to Geluva village 70 cm / km.

36.3 left Upyte. right Daugirdenai. left Prisai.

34.3 right Aleja. hillfort Ginaiciai.

33.8 left Cibrevis. On the former water mill dam site rapid. right Kalniskiai. left Vandziai.

32.8 A bit further from the the bank left hillfort Darbutai II.

32.3 left Kirksnove. left hillfort Darbutai I.

31.6 The Dubysa flows through the small pond. right Plembergas.

30.8 The pond ends.

29.7 left Palonas.

29.6  Zemaiciu highway bridge. left Kunigiskiai.

28.9 Hanging pedestrian bridge.

28.8 left Taurupys. left Ariogala town.

27.1 Hanging pedestrian bridge. left Ariogala.

26.1 Bridge. left Ariogala. right Padubysys.

23.5 left Geluva. left hillfort Geluva. Average gradient to the river Gyneve 88 cm / km.

22.3 Kaunas - Klaipeda motorway bridge. right Butkiske. Rare small rapids, large stones.

20.7 left Antvejai.

18.6 left Gyneve. left Padubysys. Average gradient to the river Lazduona 78 cm / km.

16.8 right Skystunas.

16.3 left Lasisa. left Prienai.

16.2 right Jurgravys. right Vosbutai.

15.0 right Uosinta. right Klumpe. A bit downstream on the former water mill dam site rapid. River width 30-40 m.

13.7 right Skubai.

11.8 right Zverupis. right Burbiskis. left Kilova.

11.0 On the former water mill dam site rapid.

10.8 right Ozkupis (Margis creek). right hillfort Pasiliai.

8.3 right Vitkupis. right Gadvaisiai. left Soliai.

5.2 Padubysis. On the former water mill dam site rapid.

4.1 right Grivanciupis. right Grivanciai. left Jokavai.

2.3 left Lazduona. left Lazduoniai. right Piestvenai. Average gradient to the mouth 52 cm / km.

1.1 The bridge remnants. right Seredzius.

0.5 > Kaunas-Jurbarkas highway bridge.

0.0 The Dubysa flows into the river Nemunas. right hillfort Seredzius II.

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