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The river Salpe (tributary of the Veivirzas, Klaipeda district)

The river Salpe flows in Klaipeda county, Klaipeda district, the river Veivirzas left tributary.

Length of the river 39 km, the basin area 168 km ². The source 3 km southwest from Endriejavas town. From the source to the river Graumena flows to south and southwest, downstream to the mouth flows to northwest. Flows into the river Veivirzas 31 km from its mouth 3 km southwest from Veivirzenai village. Average gradient 232 cm/km. Average rated discharge at the mouth 2.23 m³/s.

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Rapids, shalows, strainers

WW 0/1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

12.2 left Graumena. The river width 5-12 m. Rare small rapids, stones, can be strainers. Average gradient to the mouth 148 cm/km. Near the confluence hillfort Dauksaiciai.

11.9 On the site of the dam former Dauksaiciai watermill rapid. At higher water level navigable.

11.8 Sveksna - Veivirzenai road bridge. right Petraiciai. left Jonikai.

10.5 left Joksai. right Dauksaiciai. The river to the mouth flows through forest.

8.9 left hillfort Siupariai. right Raukai.

6.8 left Lekiai.

6.1 left the brook.

5.2 left hillfort Lekiai.

2.3 right Jucaiciai. left Siuraiciai.

0.0 The Salpe flows into the river Veivirzas.

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