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The river Dubinga (the river Zeimena tributary, Svencioniai district)

The river Dubinga flows in Moletai and Svencionys districts, the river Zeimena right tributary.
flows in Moletai and Svencionys districts, the river Zeimena right tributary.

Length of the river 37 km, the catchment area 422 km ². The river flows out from the lake Dubingiai. Flowing through the lake Redis. Flows into the river Zeimena 18 km from its mouth, at Pabrade town. Average gradient 128 cm / km. Average rated discharge below the Vyriogala bay 2.35 m³ / s, at the mouth of 4.01 m³ / s. The river flow is regulated by lakes making it watery in summer.

All year

Few small rapids and shallows, dam

WW 0 (1)

Distance from the mouth

33.1  Vilnius - Dubingiai road bridge. left Dubingiai town. The lake Dubingiai (Asveja). Area 1015 ha and a maximum depth 50.2 m, average depth 14.7 m. The longest lake in Lithuania. Length of the lake 21,860 meters, a maximum width 880 m (from south to east). The lake has three branches:  the southwest called the bay Zalktyne, the northeast called the bay Vyriogala, and a small northwest bay at  Dubingiai town. In the lake are 6 islands  (total area 4.4 ha).

22.5  The isthmus (width 200 m) connects west and east parts of the lake. At its the beginning the bridge.

19.0 Short (length 25 m) canal connects the lake Asveja and the bay Vyriogala. The bay length 2910 m, a maximum width 420 m, a maximum depth 17 m.

18.0 The Dubinga flows out from the lake Asveja bay Vyriogala east side. The river slowly flows through forests, the riverbed width 10 m. Average gradient to Trabuciai village 64 cm / km.

17.6 left Purvina flows from the lake Purvinas.

15.9 Small bridge. left Padubinge.

14.6 Bridge. Padubinge.

12.9 The river flows into the lake Redis. The lake area 34 hectares, length 1880 m, a maximum width 450 m. The shores are steep in many places. The lake overgrown with water plants.

12.4 The Dubinga flowing out  from the lake Redis. right Meleniskes.

10.7 left Liaudiskiai. right Kurniske.

7.0 Pabrade - Moletai road bridge. Matakoniai.

5.4 left Spengla.

4.4 Small bridge. right Trabuciai. left Dzivilauke. Begins the Pabrade HPP pond.

1.5  Pabrade HPP dam. Height  10 meters, the pond area 30 hectares. Portage better left side. The river width 10 m. The river flows through Pabrade town, the banks overgrown with trees, bushes. The current fast, small rapids, shallows.

0.4 Pedestrian bridge.

0.0  The Dubinga flows into the river Zeimena. Just before the mouth  the bridge.

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