Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Varduva (tributary of the river Venta, Mazeikiai district)

Varduva flowing Skuodo Plunge and Mazeikiai district. Venta cr. tributary. Length of 96 km, the catchment area of ​​590 km ². Starts Paparčių area, 11 km to the wind. from Seda. Originally flows into p. and pr from Varduvos turns š.r. from Seda - to north. Flows into the Venta 183 miles from its mouth, 4 km š.v. from Leckavos. Avg. slope of 88 cm / km. Upper reaches of the river bed channeled. Flow rate ruzgas (15 km from the mouth): max. 92.6 m³ / s avg. 5.60 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.17 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.22 m³ / s. In spring, the river flows 33%, 10% in summer, 21% in autumn, in winter 36% of the total annual volume of water. The maximum annual water level fluctuation ruzgas 3.8 m.

It is recommended to proceed at a higher water level.

Rift, dams, burr.

WW 0/1 (2)

66.8 dš.Sruoja. Rivers flow deliberately increases. Avg. slope to Renavo 80 cm / km. Current average, rare shoals. Width of 10-15 m.

Plunge 66.4-Mazeikiu reinforced concrete highway bridge. kr.Seda

65.4 kr.Beržupis.

64.7 Water Mill dam site rocks metric threshold. kr.Seda.

64.5 Bridge. kr.Seda

63.2 Bridge. kr.Seda. The river flows through woodlands, the banks are overgrown with trees.

60.9 dš.Nausodė.

60.0 Kulšėnų pond start.

59.9 Kulšėnų HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​2 ha. dš.Kulšėnai.

58.0 dš.Rimolių mound. The river flows through forests and woodlands.

55.3 Wooden Bridge. kr.Tiškai. dš.Rimoliai.

54.6 kr.Bradumas.

52.2 Wooden Bridge. kr.Grūstė.

48.1 dš.Grūstė.

45.4 Bridge. kr.Renavas. Renavo mansion.

45.0 Seda-Renavo reinforced concrete road bridge.

43.7 dš.Dingaliai.

42.5 Renavo pond start. kr.Renavas.

41.6 kr.Renavo mound.

41.2 Renavo HE Dam. Height of 9 meters, the pond area of ​​29 ha. Avg. slope to Sudinto 63 cm / km.

37.0 Vadagių pond start.

36.7 Vadagių HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​5 ha. kr.Vadagiai.

34.5 dš.Mažaičiai.

32.9 kr.Vadagių mound.

31.6 kr.Kražiškiai. The river width up to 15 m.

25.3 dš.Sudintai. Avg. slope before Kvist 52 cm / km. The river flows through the fields, the banks are overgrown with trees.

24.4 Ukrinų pond start.

24.1 Ukrinų HE Dam. Height of 3 m, the pond area of ​​9 acres. kr.Ukrinai.

23.3 Bridge. kr.Ukrinai.

21.1 Mazeikiu Ukrinų-reinforced concrete road bridge.

20.5 Reinforced concrete bridge.

18.8 dš.Repšiai.

16.9 kr.Kukiai.

16.0 kr.Kvistė.

14.8 Juodeikių pond start.

14.7 kr.Gūžė.

13.3 kr.Dubulis. kr.Dapšių mound.

12.9 Reinforced concrete bridge.

12.3 Railway Bridge. dš.Ruzgai. kr.Dapšiai.

9.5 Reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Juodeikiai. Oil refinery plant.

9.3 kr.Eglynupis.

6.9 Juodeikių HE Dam. Height of 6 m, the pond area of ​​261 ha. Avg. slope of up to 3.7 km 125 cm / km. Fast river current, shoals. The river flows through woodlands, width of 15 m.

3.7 Avg. slope to the mouth 162 cm / km.

1.9 Wooden Bridge. dš.Griežė. dš.Griežės mound.

0.0 Varduva flows into the sol.