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The river Brazuole (the river Neris tributary, Trakai district)

The river Brazuole flowing in Trakai district, the river Neris left tributary.

Length of the river 23 km, the catchment area 84 km ². Source near the lake Galve, at  Vievis - Trakai road, at Brazuole village. Flows to north through the lakes  Dekis,  Baka,  turn to east,  flows into the Neris River 125 km from its mouth at Popiskes village. The gradient in lower section of the river 772 cm / km, average gradient 274 cm / km. Average discharge at the mouth 0.71 m³ / s.

At high water level. Spring flood, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, boulders, strainers, dams

WW 1 (2)

Distance from the mouth

9.7  Motorway Vilnius - Kaunas bridge. 200 meters before the bridge there is a turn to right byway. To high voltage line the river flows slowly, the riverbed width 5 m. Banks are low and marshy,  bare, from the railway bridge covered with pine forests. Several strainers.

9.1 right tributary from the lake.

9.0 Railway bridge. right Dumblikas.

7.2 Over the river a high-voltage line. Banks of the river steeper, higher. In the riverbed beaver dams. Current speeds up.

6.5  Small bridge. right Baltamiskis. At village a few footbridge. Current further accelerated.

6.2 Small bridge.

6.0 Broken water mill dam. Height 1.5 m. Passage is doubtful. Below you may be beaver dams, several footbridge.

5.6 Rapid. Downstream the river wider, the depth decreases.

5.1 The river flows into the swamp. At the banks reed.

4.7 left Kazimieriskes.

3.3 Over the river a high-voltage line. Before it hills compresses the river. Starts swift river section. Ahead of a steep hill, the river splits. In riverbed huge boulder. From the boulder the river flows in a narrow bed and accelerated. Downstream the mill dam ruins. The river diverges into two branches, left not navigated, right 2 drops approx. 0.5 m height each. On the island ruins of the mill. Downstream can be strainers, beaver dams. In the riverbed shallows, few rapids.

2.3 Bridge. Under the bridge the river flows through pipes, not navigated. left Joteliunai. Downstream the bridge the river is calmer. Rare strainers and beaver dams.

0.9 The river slopes closer, the current swift.

0.4 Broken old water mill dam. Height 1 m. Navigated. Below gradient increased. In the riverbed stones, rapids. Many strainers.

0.0  The Brazuole flows into the Neris River. right Popiskes.

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