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The river Asva (Silale and Silute districts, Lithuania)

The river Asva flowing in Silale and Silute districts, the river Veivirzas left tributary.

Length of the river 52 km, the catchment area 212 km ². Source 2 km west from Pajuralis village at Samogitian highlands southwest edge. Flowing to west across old valleys, only places with them the same is a short the Asva riverbed sections. Flows into the river Veivirzas 20 km from its mouth near Luisiai village. Average gradient 180 cm / km. Narrow valley, sometimes deep. Rated discharge at the mouth: max. 40 m³ / s, avg. 2.71 m³ / s. Runoff module is 12.8 liters / s of km ².

At higher water level. Spring, or after heavy rains

Shallows, rapids, strainers

WW 1 (1+)

Distance from the mouth

23.2  Sveksna - Siliai road bridge. left Siaudenai. The gradient to Inkakliai village  158 cm / km. Riverbed width  6-10 m. Rare small rapids. The banks are steep in places, overgrown bushes, trees, may be several strainers.

21.7 right A-2. right Vilku Kampas.

21.0 left Ziogai.

20.4 left Zvelesys. left Stankiskiai.

19.2 right Sveksnale. right Vilku Kampas.

18.9  Sveksna - Gardamas road bridge. left Tvaskuciai.

16.8 Bridge. right Nikeliai.

15.5 right Vilnutis.

15.2 Small bridge. left Paulaiciai. Small rapid.

15.0 left Berzupis. left hillfort Paulaiciai.

14.2 Road ford. A little upstream small bridge. left Raudiske. right Inkakliai. To the mouth the river flows through forests. Rare strainers.

13.9 Small bridge.

10.9 Sveksna - Saugai road bridge. right Inkakliai. The gradient to the mouth 44 cm / km. The river current is calmer. Rare strainers.

10.5 Small bridge.

8.5 right Jurgaiciai.

7.7 right Telsina. right Jomantai. right hillfort Jomantai.

6.6 right Greizina.

4.4  Sveksna - Vilkyciai road bridge.

0.8 right Vatina. right hillfort Uoksai.

0.0 The Asva flows into the river Veivirzas.

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