Upių labirintasKelionės į Gruziją

The river Minija (Telsiai Plunge Kretinga Klaipeda Silute districts)

Minija (Curonian language heritage - translated means wastewater, the bride) flowing Tent, plunge in municipality, Klaipeda and Silutes district. Nemunas ds. tributary. Length of 213 km, the catchment area of ​​2978 km ². Sydeklio flows out of the lake, 14 km P.R. from the Tent. Flowing through the length, Pluotinalio, Didovo lakes in the wind. Below Alkupio mouth - the š.v. Inflow Salantas turns p. Flows into Atmata (Neman) 3 km from the mouth of the Uostadvaris. Tributaries below the maximum Salantas Left, an asymmetrical. Upper reaches and middle reaches of the river bed is very windy, a lot of old riverbeds. Dominating the upper reaches of the river bed width (up to Salantas) 20-25 m, the middle reaches 30-35 m below Lankupiai up to 50 m. Lowlands places bed straightened. On the river a lot of rifts and large boulders. Boulder-rich Stalgėnai Naujasodžio and Dyburiai-Puidogalio sections. Dominating rėvose depth of 0.3-1 m, elsewhere 1.5-3 m below Lankupiai 6-7. Avg. slope of 86 cm / km, in the lower reaches of 3-5 cm. Shores of the upper and middle reaches 1-3.5 m outcrop to 15 m in height. Banks of the lower reaches only 0.5 m in height, so the settlements against flooding by mound. Valley width of the middle reaches of 0,6-1 km. Below Priekulė Valley becomes shallow, still below disappeared. The predominant flow rate rėvose 0.4-0.8 m / s elsewhere 0.1-0.2 m / s. Below Gargždų flow slow. River basin falls more precipitation than other Lithuanian rivers, mines and its tributaries having a significant gradients and low water-permeable ground, shall take the about 50% of the pool rain that falls. Flow rate Vainaičiuose (155 km from the mouth): max. 83.4 m³ / s avg. 5.12 m³ / s, min. summer of 0,006 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.08 m³ / s. Flow rate Kartena (93 km from the mouth): max. 265 m³ / s avg. 15.4 m³ / s, min. Summer 0.46 m³ / s, min. Winter 0.22 m³ / s. Avg. flow at the mouth 38.7 m³ / s. Separate the leak is very different (for example, 1926 Avg. Flow to Kartena was 26.4 m³ / s, 1947 to 9.45 m³ / s). Even more short-term fluctuations in the flow state. A dry period, the river becomes too weak for a while after the rain the flow provisionally may increase up to 40 times. Water level fluctuations in the amplitude of the upper 4 m downstream - 1.5 m. Intense rain floods, especially in the fall. Often, river flooding and winter, after the thaws. In spring, the river flows by 32%, summer 10%, autumn 29%, winter 29% of the total annual volume of water.

Rėvingus stretches better to swim at higher water levels.

Rift, transitions, and thresholds.

WW 0/1 (2)

Lankupiai; Kartena; Priekulė

185.5 dš.Vilka.

182.3 plunge knee-Žarėnų reinforced concrete bridge. dš.Keturakiai. River width of 4-7 m. Shores high places, overgrown with bushes, trees, and can be Stalgėnai burr.

179.1 kr.Pamiralis.

176.5 kr.Medingėnai. The former water mill dam site threshold.

176.4 Bridge.

172.3 kr.Pala. kr.Užpeliai. River runoff deliberately increased, the river opens up to 10 m. Shores of a small woods. Riverbed stones occur, the current bit quicker rare shoals. Avg. slope to Sausdravas 109 cm / km.

170.7 dš.Briedupis.

170.0 plunge knee-Medingėnai reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Sendvariai. dš.Medingėnų forest.

169.3 dš.Viešdauba.

169.0 dš.Lendrupis.

161.5 kr.Gudaliai. The former water mill dam site threshold.

160.1 kr.Alkupis. kr.Vitkai.

159.1 kr.M-15th

156.6 Stalgėnai Medingėnai-reinforced concrete road bridge. kr.Stalgėnai.

156.0 dš.Sausdravas. River width of 15-20 m. Avg. slope to Babrungas 83 cm / km.

154.8 plunge-Rietavo reinforced concrete highway bridge. dš.Vainaičiai. kr.Stalgėnai. Flow is still accelerating. Rift.

154.2 kr.Lukna. The river flows through forests.

153.3 kr.Stalgėnų mound.

151.0 dš.Lekemė. kr.Luknėnai. Starts great road led through the loop. Many rifts in the river, the banks are high, picturesque.

149.4 dš.Lekemės mound.

142.7 kr.M-13. kr.Juodeikiai.

141.4 dš.Sruoja Great.

140.8 dš.Sruoja Little.

139.4 dš.Nausodis. The former water mill dam site threshold. Below the river flowing fields, woodlands. The current slows down, almost no rifts.

134.6 The former water mill dam site transitions.

134.3 kr.Šilupis. Plunge-Kuliai reinforced concrete road bridge. dš.Mardosai. kr.Vieštovėnai.

134.0 Vieštovėnų mound.

132.5 kr.Vieštovė.

130.4 plunge knee-Karklėnai reinforced concrete bridge. kr.Santakis.

130.2 dš.Babrungas. Leakage is increasing by more than a third. The average flow of the river, the width of 20-25 m. Avg. slope to VAITKUS 80 cm / km.

129.5 COAST Stonaičių HE residues. The two banks. dš.Stonaičiai.

129.2 dš.M-14th dš.Kleipščiai.

126.2 kr.Pakutuvėnai. Demolished the mill dam. Easily be navigated. Below the bed large single stones, rare shoals.

125.1 dš.Orė.

121.7 kr.Linksnio creek.

121.4 kr.Pakutuvėnų mound.

119.9 dš.Varlupis. dš.Narvaišiai.

118.8 dš.Auksališkis.

116.5 kr.Aleksandravas.

114.6 Kartena Salantai-reinforced concrete road bridge. dš.Liepgiriai. Current speeds up the slope increases, the bed large rocks, shoals. River width of 25-35 m, the banks are steep in places, exposure to 30 m in height.

144.4 The former water mill dam site shoal.

113.6 dš.M-10.

112.5 dš.Vaitkiai. Avg. slope to Salantas 170 cm / km.